Saturday, December 31, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Friend

He will shoot you. And you, and you and you! I tried my hardest to be a good girl this year, so Santa brought me this lovely new Sony Cyber-Shot!

He will be accompanying me on blog-related missions throughout the year & also on any other occasion where he might come in handy. I can't say I wasn't hoping to find a camera with the duel gift of having very good quality and being pink, but he is a lovely shiny black, not silver as my Blackberry's evil flash would have you believe (and if said flash can make a black camera look white, imagine what happens when pale little me steals the focus- I usually end up looking like a ghost and sometimes having no nose!). Thanks Santa Daddy! And the nice salesman at Orms who didn't laugh at my pink desires!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Beginnings

That's what 2012 is going to be about for me, new beginnings, long due endings & lots of changes (my horoscope also confirms that this will be my year, so that's good). And if you're into astrology & ancient mysticism & stuff, not that I know much about it, the end of 2012 should bring change for us all. No, not the end of the world as Hollywood & those Savanna ads would have us believe- there's no planet hiding behind the fucking sun that's going to collide with Earth, nor are the poles going to shift, but rather a shift in consciousness & given the state of the world that's hardly a bad thing. In fact it's probably already started what with 2011 seeing the fall of 3 dictators, the long-awaited capture & death of Osama & for us Saffa's, the silencing of the Malema. We'll have an election, America will have an election, London will have the Olympics- lots to look forward to!

With Christmas & all my poor blog got somewhat neglected, truth is I was bored of things the way they were, so I've given it a little makeover. As much as I liked having the black background it did feel a little closed, as though I was writing into a small dark virtual room. With the lighter colour it feels freer, more open & full of new possibilities for the new year, quite literally, a fresh page. But what do you think? Do you like the changes? Did you prefer the old layout? Let me know.
I'll leave you with this awesome pic, how rock 'n roll is it?! Til tomorrow.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Beauty Fades

I've been wanting to do this post for a long time. I think it pretty much speaks for itself.
Brigitte Bardot 1934~
Katherine Hepburn 1907-2003
Zsa Zsa Gabor 1917~   Her strange-shaped nose & brows are due to numerous plastic surgeries
Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011
Greta Garbo in 1 of her earliest Polaroids & the last photo believed to have been taken of her. 1905-1990
Lauren Bacall 1924~
Ingrid Bergman 1915-1982. Here's looking at you, kid.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ivy League

So it's Grad Week at UCT & possibly several other institutions that I don't know the exact details of. So Glitter & Garbage is sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who recently donned cap & gown at a University or otherwise completed their studies this year. Because despite what the glossy brochures with the smiling stock photo models would have you believe, degrees are not all a barrel of laughs (I would know, and I did one of the easy ones!). So as a little fashion nod to you all, here are some pics from a college themed editorial* & believe it or not, these models actually attended the universities they're pictured with. Beauty and brains?! Not just a myth apparently... These institutions all belong to that prestigious group America calls the Ivy League & UCT's walls are covered in ivy so it's totally the same thing.

*Sorry for the lack of source, as I've bemoaned before, my favourite editorial site mysteriously vanished into the internet ether

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Freshest of Them All?

Winner Chloe with Elle editor-in-chief, Jackie Burger

Last Thursday Elle Magazine crowned the fairest in the land at the awards ceremony for their New Talent Fresh Face competition in association with Woolworths and uber-agency Boss Models. Held at the gorgeous light-filled loft space that is the Bree Street Studios, 17 year old Chole Munton from PE took the top honours with her delicate features and porcelain skin. Not that the five other finalists weren't equally stunning, because they were; the judges definitely had had their work cut out for them! It was a lovely event, surrounded by scores of stylish people with free flowing Graham Beck (my all-time favourite bubbly) & lots of delightful little canapes. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I lost count of how many parma-ham wrapped melon bites went into my tummy! Here are some pics of the event as well as some of my favourite outfits from the guests. Apologies for the less-than-stellar picture quality, I have come to the realisation that my five year old digital camera is now beyond crappy- hint hint Santa!

What I wore: Aztec-print top from Long Street, shorts from Identity (back when Identity was cool, which should tell you how long I've had those shorts!), yellow clutch from Aldo, shoes from New Look & a necklace from the Alphen antiques market. (pic from as my own one was far too blurry!)

Clockwise: Finalist Zama Dlomo being interviewed, the beautiful (and super-tall) Caitlin Hoogervorst, the six girls pose for the cameras with editor Jackie Burger in a fabulous yellow skirt and adorable Nina Greyling shows off her model smile.

Chloe's official Elle portrait, the Bree Street Studios, stilettos and streamers and a beautiful leather man-bag spotted in the crowd.

Some of the ladies (and gent) who stood out from the crowd with their fashion choices.
Kimberley wears a divine Country Road maxi skirt & some fab 2-tone wedges

Anje in neutrals. Love the boots!
Awesome colour scheme Alwjin's working. And he's dead on trend with those slipper-shoes!
The model agencies were out in full force. Ayesha & Carla of Trigger Models
 (where I interned earlier this year) rocking leopard print and leather shorts.
Below is a video of the winner being announced and Chole's short "How do you feel?" interview Sorry about the chitter-chatter in the background, the explosion of streamers gave me a fright (I scare easily).


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Girl In The Red Socks

It's pictures like this that make me want to be a stylist. An ordinary fashion photo made extraordinary merely by the addition of red socks on Georgia Jagger's feet. Simple becomes sublime. One might say "But that's so easy to do, it's nothing special", well many people said about Piet Mondrian's paintings "Anyone could do that" but that's hardly the point is it?
Image is from W Magazine Sept 2011, Styling by Alex White

I'm off to East London for a few days, where I will have no internet. Also, I'll probably be without electricity & have a horse and buggy to drive. I kid I kid! Have a fabulous weekend, see you next week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Update (For Want of a Better Title)

Sorry I was gone for so long! Without any explanation. Very rude of me really... Long story short I was in George the weekend before last from Sun to Wed shooting a little role in a feature film which was really fun & beautiful too as we stayed in a log cabin resort on the bank of the Touw River in Wilderness. Much as I love Cape Town it's always good to have a change of scenery once in a while. Not so good was that my car broke down there. Off it went to the Fiat dealership where most of it remained. Its gearbox however went off to "The Gearbox People" who then had to wait for parts which had not arrived by Wednesday... I took the bus home to CT, a loooong 7h30min ride next to a very chatty lady from Somerset West. She frequently acknowledged the fact that she talked too much, but not to the extent where she actually stopped doing it. I know all about her daughter, her job, her husband, her ex-husband, her ex-husband's ex-wife and her favourite recipes. I do not, however, know her name. So I only got back late Wednesday, had to work Thursday, Friday & Saturday & then went to the Champagne & MCC Festival in Franschoek on Sunday. "Bubbles Fest" was lovely & for once I wasn't DD (one of the perks of being car-less). On the down side I had failed to find out that there was a dress code (Black & White Elegance) and as a fashion blogger I was absolutely mortified that I was wearing a leopard-print swing tank, shorts and flip-flops while most other people were in chic monochrome outfits with hats (!) mortified I tell you, almost like showing up to the Met in one's pajamas!

Anyways, I'm back in the blogging saddle now, going to the Elle New Face Awards tomorrow so that should be fun & I'll take lots of pics! Also heading up to East London on Fri for a long weekend to visit a friend who's spending a year working there and I am keen to see what that little piece of our country is like.

I'll leave you with this picture via Fake Science Tumblr because it made me laugh & also relates to my recent stripes post. New post tomorrow, I promise!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mellow Yellow Summer Nails

I love me some nail polish oh yes I do! Come summer time I'm all about the brights, the neons and the pastels. This shade's from one of my favourite brands, Tip Top from Clicks. They're under R40 a bottle, have great colours and are of really good quality too!

Tip Top in 'Lemon Fuel'

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Silver Rush

Poor silver. It hasn't exactly got the best rep over the years has it? In metal terms it's the less expensive cousin of gold. In sports and academics it's the runner up, second place, always the bridesmaid never the bride. Judas sold Jesus for pieces of silver. Staying on the biblical theme, Joseph's brothers sold him off to slavery for a bag of the silver stuff too. And while silver used to be fairly valuable in monetary terms, it's all about the paper now isn't it? No-one ever fought a war, killed off the Incas or dug a big hole in Kimberley because of silver...

So when I saw pictures of Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson and Selena Gomez at the recent AMAs I was like 'Wait, are they wearing silver?!'

Heidi in Giles Deacon. I beyond heart this lazer-cut dress but wan't sure about her choice of a bright blue undergarment thingy. You can't really see it from this angle, but Google if you're curious...J-Hud in a drape-tastic Jenny Packham mini & Selena in Armani. Fortunately the Biebs had left her side long enough for this photo to be taken. He'd probably toddled off to the ladies to have a tinkle and fix his hair.

I used to be quite keen on silver, in fact my Matric dance dress was silver, four shades of it! I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I designed it myself & had it made. The flamenco ruffles in different silvers weren't too bad I suppose but the open back & strappy neckline were pretty revealing, especially for someone who didn't have the cleavage to back it up! Tacky, urgh!

Regretting your Matric Dance/Prom dress is practically a rite of passage, right? Right?!

Moving on....So metallics are big news again, this makes me happy! Don't worry my fellow gold lovers there's still plenty of that, but it's refreshing to see silver getting attention on the catwalks again. In fact Armani's entire Milan S/S 2012 show was based on a palette of blues, silvers and silver-blues. Here are a few other designers who gave silver some lovin.

Peter Som, Balmain (of course) and De La Renta

McQueen, Christopher Kane and Armani
A little 'moodboard' I made on Polyvore. I so badly want an Obi belt, does anyone know where to find one in Cape Town?

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Fiasco Of Fringe

I've been holed up indoors since Saturday night battling a nasty cold & preparing for an audition (these two things unfortunately don't complement each other), but when I saw this disaster I knew I had to say something! So I'm putting on my Joan Rivers hat (it's gaudy and covered in fur and blingy bits) & bringing the long arm of The Fashion Police down on Blake Lively for so heinous a crime. You know when someone comes out the loo & they have toilet paper stuck to their foot and you have to decide whether to tell them or just chuckle quietly to yourself? (Once I saw a man at the gym with a TWO METRE 'paper trail' coming out of his bum area! I almost fell off the stationary bike laughing), well imagine that were to happen to a mermaid, all over her body. This is Blake Lively at Gossip Girl's 100th episode party, she's gone on record saying she's her own stylist so we have no-one to blame but her. Unless she has an evil alter ego (which would explain her leaked nude pics. Also, her relationship with Bic, er, Penn Badgley)...Even the oddly-dressed Chloe Moretz next to her does little to distract from the situation. And oh Marchesa how could you?!

Somewhere, a flapper just turned in her grave

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Is A Reflection Of Self

I love these pictures because the concept is so simple, but the result is so interesting. Spotted these in French Numero, Oct 2011.Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the frikken weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All Things Striped And Beautiful

Good news ladies! You can totally wear horizontal stripes without appearing fat or looking like The Cat In The Hat. Imagine that! Give me some time, I'll stop with the brain's on the loose, I blame Dr Seuss.

If you don't recognize the liquorice-striped Prada dress Hailee Steinfeld wore to the SAG awards which subsequently featured on the cover/in the pages of every major fashion magazine, you must've been living under a rock. Stripes were beeeg news for Spring/Summer 2011. And now that us Southern Hemisphere inhabitants finally have the sun peeking out over Table Mountain/The Durban Coastline/The, er, Jozi minedumps we can hop on that candy-cane train too! Stripes of all colours and sizes have taken over the usual spring pastels and florals and the bigger the better! Save the pinstripes for the CEO's and legal eagles and go big and bold. Below are some of my favourite looks from the international fashion scene. I've got a few stripy pieces myself that I'm going to start experimenting with now that summer's here and I've also got my eye on a dress from Sissy Boy that's a knock-off of the Prada dress I was talking about earlier. Funds may be a problem though...

Dree Hemingway all 'decked' out in head-to-toe Prada for Vogue Japan

Riley Keough-the up & coming model granddaughter of The King (Elvis)

Leighton Meester rocking the Breton stripe

On the catwalks for S/S 2011:
Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sportmax and Celine.

Prada, Sonia Rykiel and Jason Wu.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Denim & Crochet

Outfit I wore last night. Shirt from Poetry, skirt & belt are my newest bargain finds from Meltz, crochet detail brogues from New Look & a Mr Price ring that I modified when the original amber stone fell out. Forgot to wear my bag in the pic, oops!

Monday, November 14, 2011

City Of Angels

I've heard mixed things about US lingerie brand Victoria's Secret. General consensus seems to be that in spite of their pretty marshmallow-striped carry bags, they're over-priced for their not-so-good quality. But nobody can deny that they know how to put on a show! "Victoria's Secret Angel" is right up there with "Vogue Cover" on a model's most sought-after CV credentials and the brand is represented on the catwalk by some of the world's top models; the rare and lucky few who are super skinny, but still have boobs. The 2011 fashion show happened recently and was an absolute extravaganza filled with runway theatrics as well as performances by Maroon 5, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

Beautiful outfits aside I have to admit I was a little confused by the themes. The official theme was "Angels and Demons", but it looked more to me like "Faeries vs Superheroes Meets The 80's With A Dash Of Roman/Egyptian Goddesses". There were lots of gorgeous faerie/angel wings, but I wasn't a fan of some of the superhero-style costumes as they looked a bit too WWE for my liking, however Behati's pop art superhero costume was undoubtedly adorable. The neon outfits were fun, but there were a few that went heavy on the tulle and weirdness scale and got a little Heatherette-esque (anything that reminds me of that so-called "designer" gives me instant nausea). But all things aside there were loads of show-stoppers and SA was proudly represented by our twin stunners, Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swanepoel. Here are a few of my favourite looks.

Miranda "You'd never guess she just had a baby" Kerr and an Alice In Wonderland-ish Lily Aldridge

Rhinestone Goddess Constance Jablonski and a Black Lace Dark Angel Flavia De Oliveira

More Faeries; Candice Swanepoel and Erin Heatherton

Chanel Iman as an acid trip Tinkerbell and Candice Swanepoel

Roman General-style and Alessandra Ambrosio channeling an Egyptian goddess

Behati Prinsloo plays to the crowd and newcomer Shannan Click in one of the cheesier superhero outfits.

For loads more great pics of the show, you can go here, here and here
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