Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Vibe

On Saturday I hit up The Vibe party at The Grand in Granger Bay. It was a decadent all-day event organized by 2Oceansvibe & The Little Black Book and The Grand was the perfect setting; their man-made beach reminds me of the South of France (not that I've ever been, boo-hoo!) and the cocktails are always amazing! The place was jam-packed with Cape Town's beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes (mostly) so obviously I had a little stress over what to wear and ended up changing my entire outfit plan the night before. What I eventually settled on was a green beachy dress I got from Sissy Boy a while ago. I decided it looked way too 'Cosmo cover' on it's own & I wanted to add a bit of a vintage look so I paired it with a lace TopShop bolero, a brown waist belt with feather detail, gold necklaces and a big-ass ring.

Sisters Abi & Sammy strike a pose. Abi's blue dress is by local designer 'Label'.

Kim Senogles rocking leopard print.

Our hosts had thought of everything, great music, beautiful decor that fitted in with The Grand's shabby-chic French style, wine, bubbles, pizza, oysters (though sadly I wasn't quick enough to grab any of the shellfish delights before the masses devoured them ), seating areas covered by inflatable igloo-type things, a ping-pong arena and circus performers. Below are some montages of my favourite pics from the day.

Already looking forward to next year's party!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I like to think I'm pretty experimental when it comes to fashion. I don't have a 'style', I wear many styles from day to day depending on the occasion, my mood, the weather or whatever clothes are clean. Ok totally kidding about that last one, as if! Trendwise I'm experimental and I like to think I'd try anything once as long as it wasn't unflattering for my figure. But every once in a while, a new trend comes along (which is usually something from the past which has been updated and reinterpreted by several fashion houses) that makes me recoil in horror. Back in 2009 I handled that whole 80's revival thing really well I think, in fact I kinda loved it- statement shoulders, neon, leggings, sequins, body-con... This may have had something to do with the fact that I never lived through it the 1st time round; I spent only 2 years of my life in the 80's and mostly in mismatched baby clothes thanks to a fashion unconscious mother. And also because no-one tried bringing back the perm! Fashion, like history, tends to repeat itself, but mercifully, it also learns from it's mistakes. It takes the past as a starting block & then looks to see how it can make it better. But I digress. One very popular look that did horrify me a while back was harem pants. Now there were a few versions of these trousers that had a normal crotch, but the general look was a baggy crotch that fell somewhere around one's kneecaps. I repeat- a. baggy. crotch. The only thing I can compare this effect to is a toddler waddling around with a very full nappy. But surely every woman wants to look like her bum goes on forever, right? Oh wait, that's legs. You could probably even smuggle stuff in those bad boys, just think, if harem pants had been around in the 90's (and not just on MC Hammer), Winona Ryder might never have been caught sticky-fingered!

How to ruin Louboutins...
So now the 70's are back, no biggie, except for one teeny tiny (read big & clumpy) detail- clogs. I had hoped it was a microtrend that would just go away on it's own without antibiotics, but no, apparently clogs are set to be even bigger in 2011! The name itself already strikes a sense of foreboding; I thought clogs were those painted wooden foot-boat things that Dutch people wore like a 100 years ago. No? My bad. Shapewise they bear a slight resemblance to their Dutch ancestors, as do Crocs, starting to see the problem? Sure someone like Alexa Chung can pull them off, even make them look cool, but that is because she is Alexa Chung & also because she has the rest of the outfit to make up for her feet. I just think they're sooo unattractive & not at all flattering either, they cut the foot in half. Now I'm not saying it's impossible to find a semi-cute clog, but in SA we sadly don't have the luxury of a vast choice of shoes & I've yet to see a single clog that isn't hideous. If I ever do eventually give in to the (invisible and probably imaginary) peer pressure I will endevour to find the most uncloggy clog possible, like one with a peeptoe, and cutout detail, and an ankle strap... Nah, that still sounds kinda ugly.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miss Dior Chérie

2011 has been a good year for Natalie Portman so far; an Oscar, a baby on the way and a wedding on the cards. She can now add perfume ambassador to her extensive CV. Miss Portman is looking lovely as the new face of Miss Dior Chérie. I wonder if her Black Swan role influenced Dior's decision in selecting her, as the Chérie brand has also had that girly, romantic and ballet-esque quality. I especially love the handwriting font; if it were placed differently across her back with her hair over the other side it would actually look like a tattoo. The TV ad is also pretty and feminine, and captures the essence of the fragrance (no pun intended) except for the arb 'black sunglasses in the bath' shot which I really don't get.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pretty Little Dresses

So I kind of have a weakness for dresses, particularly cocktail dresses. It's really not the most practical of wardrobe items to have a penchant for, unlike jeans or tank tops or even shoes. Because the thing is, dresses are usually quite expensive yet don't qualify as investment pieces because they are seldom worn. It's not your average night out that calls for a cocktail dress unless it's a simple LBD, and it doesn't help that I tend to have a phobia of being overdressed... So when the lure of a new dress magically causes my debit card to leap into my hand and give itself over to the cashier, said dress often sits unworn for months waiting for the party or event for which it will be the perfect fit and once worn, has little chance of being worn again in a hurry. Currently I have 4 dresses in my closet that have yet to be worn, and even my most-worn dress, a lovely draped dark grey number with beaded neckline from Miss Selfridge, has only seen the light of day about 5 times. It was pretty cheap though- the London sales virtually remove all guilt from the process of dress shopping! It seems that the only cure for my habit is to ogle dresses that I couldn't possibly afford, and so, I had a browse through all the lovely dresses on display at the recent Joburg Fashion Week. Here are some of my favourites (pics from ifashion).

Spero Villioti

Bongiwe Walaza

This gold harlequin-esque dress is super cute. I could totally picture someone like Katy Perry in it.
As for the 2nd dress, a long-sleeved cocktail dress is really perfect for the winter months. I especially like the kind that has a really low back, not that this is one of them This dress is more feminine than femme fatale, but the leopard print lends an element of fierceness. I love how leopard print never stays out of fashion for very long; seems like every 2 years it's back again! Though I'd also love to see a version of this dress in white lace.


Spiro Viliotti
LBD's: The play between solid and sheer fabrics within the same dress is a huge trend at the moment. I'd probably only dare to wear this dress if it were properly lined, which I suppose defeats the purpose somewhat, but I could definitely picture the likes of Serena Van Der Woodsen donning this for an Upper East Side cocktail party...I also love that it looks like an inkblot, in the lower half I can see an African lady with lobster-claw hands balancing clay pots on her head, what can you see?
Another Viliotti dress on the right, this one reminds me sooo much of Chanel. Love the slight flare over the hips and the subtly scalloped hemline.

Spiro Viliotti

Abigail Betz
Ok so I may be slightly obsessed with the dresses from Viliotti's collection, but just look at those feathers! I've mentioned before that feathers are definitely having a moment, both in fashion and in my little heart, but they just scream 'oppulence!'. Those gold flecks you see are just confetti, but I actually wish they were part of the dress, the little shimmery pieces on the bodice look really cool. One thing I didn't like about this collection were the shoes. They look like Matric dance shoes with feather anklets draped over them, far too delicate for the dresses and very 1990's...
Abigail Betz takes a 60's Mad Men style silhouette and gives it a brush of ultra glam. I love the detail on the full skirt and the lingerie look of the top is right on trend. I'm not sure if that's a ribbon that's part of the dress or a belt, but either way, I want a skinny gold belt now!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Award Season Round-Up

Well award season has now come and gone and all the golden dust has settled in Tinseltown. Natalie got her Oscar and so did Colin Firth, rightfully so. Melissa Leo gave a hilarious acceptance speech complete with F bomb, Miss Hathaway and Mr Franco did a decent job of hosting, though they were no Billy Crystal and some sick sod decided to dust off poor old Kirk Douglas and wheel him out for everyone's amusement, though the geriatric gentleman took it all with good humour. The Oscars'  red carpet is often something that leaves me a little disappointed. The Globes, the SAGs and even the BAFTAs set the tone for award season and I always expect that come Oscar night, Hollywood's biggest night of the year, the stars will kick it up a notch with their fashion choices. However, it has often happened that an actress that has been consistently well-dressed all season will suddenly turn up in some sort of creation that leaves me scratching my head going 'eh?'. Not that that happened this year, but I still found myself liking more of the dresses from the Golden Globes and SAG Awards than the Academy Awards. Nevertheless, here's the 5 Oscar night looks that stood out for me.

First up is the beautiful young Hailee Steinfeld, looking princess-perfect in a Marchesa dress she actually designed herself! This 14 year old is going places.

Hilary Swank in Gucci. I kinda have a thing for feathers at the moment- they've been used in a subtle way on this dress, but they add just the right amount of drama and I love the colour bleed too.

Halle Berry rocked the nude trend in a frothy, beaded creation by Marchesa and Mila Kunis looked lovely draped in lavender lace courtesy of Elie Saab

Jennifer Lawrence sizzled in this red dress bringing both the drama and simplicity that Calvin Klein is so good at. This is the perfect kind of dress for a young new star's Oscar debut though it did give me serious deja vu of Scarlett Johansson at the 2006 Golden Globes.

So in a final send-off to award season, I've picked a best overall, and a worst overall. And the winners are;

Best Overall- Mila Kunis. In addition to being Hollywood's latest 'next best thing', she scored an award season fashion hat-trick, with her Oscars gown completing the trinity of great dresses; Emerald Vera Wang at the Globes and printed silk McQueen at the SAGs.

Worst Overall: It pains me to do it, but I have to give this 'honour' to Michelle Williams. First there was the daisy-printed Valentino fiasco at the Golden Globes (which looks like a sheet I once had), then there was some weird, white Balenciaga thing at the Critics Choice Awards and finally a demure Chanel dress that would've been lovely on Helen Mirren, but washed Michelle out and just screamed 'I know you're giving the Oscar to Natalie so I'm just going to try fade into this wall here'. Ok, so none of these dresses were a fashion disaster of Helen Bonham Carter proportions (well maybe the daisy dress was), but she's young and beautiful, not to mention playing Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming biopic, and it's high time she started "getting her glam (rather than gran) on".

And my final award is for the Best Dress of the season which goes out to Olivia Wilde and Marchesa for this magical chocolate, crystal-scattered creation. Sure she may have been a wee bit over-dressed for a TV actress at the Globes, but I really don't care. And besides, she wore awesome gold-spiked Louboutins and made sure to show them off, loves it!

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