Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy Day Dress-Up Box

Why does it always insist on raining over Easter? There may be some meteorological statistic about annual rainy periods that could be used as an argument, if Easter always fell on the same date. But it doesn't, Easter can fall any time from mid-March to late April, so is it really so much to ask that when the whole country gets a 4 day weekend we could occasionally get a little beach weather in addition to all the chocolate?
Anyways, I decided to goof around with the contents of my closet & came up with this look which I'll call 'Quirky Librarian'. I love this heart-printed jersey- I picked it up for next to nothing on sale at Zara, I'm just hoping winter will loan me some less-than-freezing days so I can actually wear it out! I know 'nerd specs' are sooo over-exposed by now, but they're still fun for playing with :) Floral pen worn as necklace inspired by the fabulous Ms Joan Holloway/Harris of Mad Men.
My Muse:
Joanie always made sure she was prepared for emergency note-taking

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Change is Hard

One might assume that because I have started a blog complete with pictures, a header and different coloured fonts for things, I am fairly technologically savvy. One would be wrong...  Ok it’s not that I’m bad at things tech related, in the past when our home PC developed a virus, I didn’t try sticking a thermometer in the disc drive, instead I rolled up my sleeves and started typing the symptoms into the great and powerful Google until I came up with a list of steps from actual humans in a variety of tech-speak forums, carried them out with an attention to detail usually reserved for cake-baking & successfully healed the ailing PC. It’s just that I don’t like new technology and the confusion & frustration that always accompanies it. Often I pick my gadgets based on what’s prettiest. My iPod is a Nano, it is slim and it is pink. It is not, however, generous on storage space. But iPods are simple; there are only 5 possible buttons & since I learnt how to reset it if it freezes, we’ve been getting along just swimmingly. My laptop is also of the small and pink variety (and so is my digital camera in case you were wondering). Unfortunately it has intimacy issues; it doesn’t like to maintain a strong connection to the WiFi for any useful period of time and the small screen actually frustrates me so I end up doing most of my work on my mom’s former laptop; a demonic Acer Aspire 5610Z (yes I am naming and shaming!). What is wrong with it? More like what isn’t wrong with it?! The battery cannot survive more than 3 minutes without its charger, it freezes all. the. time, requires 10 minutes to start up properly, has a panic attack if I try to open two things at once, randomly turns off and emits awful death squawks (beeps) before a fatal freeze. It’s not a virus because I already got rid of the vast mass of those quite recently. I’ve tried everything; yelling, swearing, threats and, in times of great anger, even the odd hard ‘klap’ (it’s pretty durable). Basically, I’ve done everything but put it on time-out or send it to bed without dinner. Certain people have suggested I get a Mac, but the mere thought of having to get familiar with an entire new operating system makes me break out in a cold sweat and think of that old adage, ‘it’s better the demon pc you know, than the demon pc you don’t’ .
 Cellphone-wise I’ve always had a Nokia, because Nokias are great & super user-friendly (no, they’re not paying me to say that- I wish!). Except for that one time I had a Motorola which I only got in a moment of fashion victimness because it was the gold Dolce & Gabbana Razr™ and it drove me crazy when it refused to do things my Nokias had happily done and kept send off messages before I’d finished typing them which was rather embarrassing at times. I was almost relieved when it got stolen one drunken night in Greenpoint and I could haul out my old Nokia again. This past weekend, my cell contract qualified for an upgrade and I decided to join the clan of The Very Smug Cool Kids (aka Blackberry owners). My new baby is a Blackberry Torch in white (does this make it a Whiteberry?) and like all new moms I was initially a little afraid of it (scared of dropping it, wondering about the funny sounds it was making etc) but one week in I feel I have adapted quite well, apart from the fact that my email, facebook app and BBM didn’t want to work until someone informed me that one needs to activate Blackberry services at the Vodacom shop; why I was not informed about this to begin with I do not know & had been beating myself up about it assuming I’d made some sort of Blonde Error...Teething problems aside I do rather love my new phone, having a touch screen makes me feel like James Bond, but there’s also a slide out keyboard- the best of both worlds really- and having a phone that slides up and down really appeals to my ADD/fidgetiness. So, in conclusion, if anyone’s considering jumping on board the berry ship, I can give it an official Glitter & Garbage recommendation!  
My Pretty

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Abi Files

So this is my first introduction of a guest column on this blog. I'm wanting to provide people with fun & interesting insights into the entertainment industry and its many facets. Ever wondered what the glamourous-looking life of a model is really like behing the scenes? Introducing Abi Parker, Boss model extrodinaire who will be sharing juicy titbits from a career in front of the camera. Enjoy!

My name is Abi...or Abigail…whatever you prefer. My dear friend Tarryn has asked me to elaborate on the in’s and out’s of the modelling world. For those of you who don't know I am a model for Boss Models Cape Town and Nevs Models London. I spend my days on the beach, in the gym, and in the shopping malls. I spend my evenings at bars. life is... perfect. Ok yes, that was a big lie. But I do love my life and I work very hard at what I do :) I am currently experimenting on the acting floor. Hopefully I can film some class work for you to see how hilarious my course is (it's also serious but you should just know that there are some funny characters in our class- including myself).
So that is a very very brief insight about what I do. But I will be getting more serious as I post along. I don't take myself too seriously but I definitely respect Art and I tend towards more serious and emotionally truthful roles. I have an undying passion for learning in my fields of interest. I’m not going to elaborate too much because I'm sitting in a bar right now typing away…but that is the nature of this business - one has to be seriously clever with one’s time!
This week past week I had two modelling jobs, combined with the stress of moving to a new apartment, crazy times! On Monday I did a make-up show for the Elle Max-Factor Competition Finalists. Fashion Editor Poppy Evans, along her troops, was there to judge our faces (sounds fabulous right?), but that’s exactly what it was; them staring into our faces trying to judge the make-up technique. My face was too "orange" but they said that the artist had done an all-round good job. 
Tuesday I shot a TV commercial for Cosmopolitan magazine. It sounds more glam then it actually was- haha you will soon see what I mean! And if I may just add, I only found out the concept after hair and makeup *blush*. But I had a little chuckle, especially when I asked the photographer to demonstrate the expression he wanted to capture. What I love about Cosmo is the creative team; they are so specific and I love the free learning part- sure I’m there to model, but you will be surprised at how much one can learn about the other factors when it comes to the production of a shoot. It’s a bargain. Besides, the best way to learn (especially for actors) is by doing and experiencing.
I will be in touch again soon, and if you are able to take a small time-out from your creative and culture-filled days, follow my posts for the next few weeks. I am hoping that they will plant a question in your mind “Am I the perfect version of myself?” Rip off that T-shirt that says "(sigh)…this is all I can be" and fucking jump into the world naked. Realise that the only person standing in the way of your inner-most greatest ambition is, well…you.
That’s all for now.
peace and love,
Abi Parker

Friday, April 8, 2011

LABEL Winter Collection

Showroom- 7 Benbow Ave, Gunners Circle, Epping
Cape Town fashion brand 'Label' has upped the ante with their latest 'LABELFEMME' collection for the frosty season. With a palette of nudes, ivory, stucco, rose and black and LABELFEMME’s new collection, named Town & Country, offers classic essentials that can be dressed up or down. Designed by Nadia Van Zyl, LABEL offers high quality garments in an assortment of luxe fabrics such as melton, cotton sateen, fine stretch twill and boucle. Some of my faves include the faux fur gilet, long cape & classic trench with gold buttons. Prices range between R290 and R1300. Keep an eye out for more details about the new collection at http://www.labelwear.co.za/ or on their Facebook group, LABEL Collections.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Autumn Awkwardness

Autumn pic from genuisbeauty.com
Autumn is always a rather awkward season wardrobe-wise. Especially here in Cape Town where our supposedly transitional seasons of autumn and spring tend to operate either as a summer/winter pendulum where hot, sunny beach days alternate with wind and rain days or a bizarre kind of buffet which swings us through all four seasons within the same day. Matching one's outfit to complement this meteorological bipolar is downright impossible! It always results in me spending a 'supposed to be chilly' day sweating into my ankle boots, or shivering in my t-shirt as storm clouds suddenly roll across a bright blue sky or leaving my house in Tokai where not a single leaf is rustling on a tree only to step out of my car in Loop Street & having to go half a block doing a penguin walk holding down my skirt in a ferocious wind. Similarly, I attempt to go to sleep in a long-sleeved top, before deciding it's too hot and taking it off, only to wake up cold in the middle of the night & start scratching around in the dark through the inevitable little pile of clothes next to my bed for a jersey.
However, I am excited for the upcoming winter trends & will be doing a feature on my favourites very soon. But in the meantime, here's my advice for April/May; until winter arrives in full force with it's army of coats, scarves, boots & extra blankies, always have a Plan B. When wearing a little summer dress, throw a cardie in your bag, if you're doing a skirt/tights combo, make sure your legs are shaved in case you have to take them off, keep a pair of sunnies in your car, and a fold up umbrella in the cubbyhole to protect your good hair day. And Happy Autumning!
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