Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All That Glitters...

If clothes maketh the man, surely accessories maketh the woman? -nobody famous actually said this, I'm just grossly mis-quoting Mark Twain...

I am rather partial to my accessories, while they are seldom the main component of any 'look', they complete an outfit, kind of like the icing on a cupcake. Though I have been known to select an entire outfit based around one accessory I'm wanting to wear... If I leave the house without any addition to my outfit I find my self feeling sort of naked and vulnerable, kinda like Superman having to leave the house without his red undies coz his mom forgot to do the laundry. When I say 'accessories' I'm talking jewelry, belts, scarves, hats, gloves, umbrellas, bags or shoes though obviously I can't ever leave the house minus those last two ( I may have been a UCT BA student, but I have NEVER done the barefoot in public thing!). I'm actually pretty certain I have more accessories combined than I have clothes, though they are a lot easier to contain. I think the problem with the A word ( I'm getting tired of typing 'accessories' and can't think of any synonyms; 'bits' just doesn't sound right) is that they're often so much cheaper than clothes; a scarf here, a belt there, several dozen pairs of earring that were 'only' R50... A-words are the crack cocaine of shopping; a quick fix, cheaper than the real thing, and induce cravings for more more more (don't worry, I'm not nearly as knowledgeable on that subject as I may sound). It is because of this mentality that I have so many earrings, well over 70 pairs, and the great irony is that I hardly ever even wear earrings, I'd much sooner put on a necklace. I've decided therefore to post some of the evidence of my jewelry buying addiction ( perhaps it will be a sort of self-intervention to shock me into stopping buying these damn things!). This lady in the fetching black and white gown is my earring holder, as you can see she has her work cut out for her. And this isn't even all my earrings; the ones with stud backs and the smaller pairs are in my jewelry box.

A few of my favourite pairs...

From left to right: The Old Ones: silver stencil style from YDE (don't remember which label), The New Ones: metal feathers from that little store in Canal Walk with all the really cheap makeup, think they cost about R15, they also had a shitty little diamante thingy hanging from the top, but I took care of that with a pair of pliers. The Super Long Ones: in shades of purple from Mr Price and The French Ones: from Miss Selfridges, mini Eiffel Towers, gingham bows, little pearls ils sont trop mignon!

In terms of wristware, I've never been able to wear bracelets or bangles because I have ridiculous little chicken wrists and they either fall off or just look silly, but I've discovered that what I can wear are elasticated cuff bangles and the thick ones are actually great for hiding the wristies, I have a few of these and am always on the lookout for more. This here is my main jewelry box, I guess you could say it's mostly filled with glitter and garbage ;)

And another smaller box

Home to more necklaces. The earrings hanging off that headless woman were my Matric Dance earrings, not that you can really see them from this angle.

More necklaces... I never used to wear rings, but I've grown a lot more partial to them lately and plan to expand my 'collection' (or lack thereof). Here are the few I currently wear.

From pinky to thumb: Snake ring from Miss Selfridges- I call it my power ring, Turquoise and diamonds with gold band- my grandmother gave me this on my 21st birthday, it's been passed down through the generations and the inside of the band is engraved with a tiny date- 1801. Plastic zebra ring, no idea where I got this one, probably from whatever the SA version of a crackerjack box is, but I like it anyway. And twisted metal around a pink glass stone, from a marketstall in the north of France. Speaking of rings, my friend Phil was sporting this great Princess Duck one the other night- she made it herself.

As I mentioned previously, my favourite things to wear are necklaces, especially the long pendant kind. These ones are my absolute faves.

Top to bottom: Gold maze-type thingy from Alphen Antiques market. Big 'pearl' in gold cage from Miss Selfridges (they really do make the best costume jewelry in the world) and bling tooth necklace from Aldo.

Arty mixed media necklace from a little shop in Barcelona, wood bead and wire necklace from Hout bay market and my grandfather's old pocketwatch which I put on a big gold chain (also pictured in the jewelry box), model is Nadia from Boss.

When accessorizing always take off the last thing you put on- Coco Chanel

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Autumn Daydreams

I love this beautiful, whimsical editorial. It makes me want to ride a scooter through the countryside with my hair blowing in the wind or sit on a distressed white wall by the sea wearing cat-eye glasses and reading Jane Austen. Loving these last few mild sunshiney days before full-blown winter descends on us...
Pics from Vogue UK, Oct 2010

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Abi Files (episode 2)

Abi on The Easter Weekend, auditions, and vegan food...
Hello Readers!

Its been a busy month but luckily I am doing absolutely nothing with my Good Friday as I have a good headache from Last nights Birthday drinks at Asoka, and i'm so glad to be resting my body and mind.

Yesterday, Tarryn and I sat for 4 and a half hours waiting to audition for an American film. The waiting was a mare, but the audition was lots of fun. I got to meet the director and producer which is unusual for a casting. They loved my American accent which is a plus.. It was however rather difficult to "be drunk and act sober" as I cast for the role of an intoxicated 16 year old cheerleader who thinks "magic is so hot" haha.

After auditioning I was on a natural high so I went to the gym with my two model friends Claire and Cayleigh. (I live with Claire) and we did a very intense dance class. Claire is a professional dancer from the UK and started out at the Royal Ballet school in London when she was thirteen on a scholarship. She is a very inspiring friend and has turned me into a semi- vegan. I say "semi" because I still drink milk and eat fish. But being a semi- vegan is great, and you tend to get drunker quicker (haha, kidding).

After Dance class we got a bottle a champagne and orange juice and celebrated Claire's success in signing on to various agencies abroad. I plan to go back to London in September to model and network and I have already found my spot in Angel, a bus away from my friend David's photography studio and home which is very convenient and exciting!

Anyway, It's easter holidays now so I dont think I will be busy with much work related actvities. But, I will keep you posted on future developements.

Peace and Love

Abi x

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lace Lace Baby!

Lace is definitely having a moment of late, and thanks to Britain's newest Princess & her choice of wedding attire, I predict the 'moment' is going to last a whole lot longer...Personally, I'd always had a thing for lace, especially black lace. In my current wardrobe I have: top with black lace trim, black lace dress, black lace ankle boots, black lace headband and black lace stockings. Next on my wishlist: wrist-length black lace gloves, preferably fingerless. Lace is the ultimate feminine material, the number one choice of fabric and trim for lingerie worldwide, and no matter how far men's fashion has come in the last 20 years (the rise of the 'metrosexual'/stylish man) with silk shirts, velvet tuxedos and crocheted hats not even raising an eyebrow, you will never see a man wearing lace! Despite it's vintage feel, lace-making can only be traced back as far as the 15th century, and is therefore not nearly as old as other natural fabrics. Because of the intricate handiwork required to sew lace, it was a luxury that couldn't be afforded by your garden-variety peasant, and was therefore very popular with nobility and royalty. Queen Elizabeth I had a particular fondness for the stuff (so I'm in good company here!) and liked to wear it on the massive satellite collars she was known for (wonder if she was embarrassed that that 'trend' never took off?)

Of course, men wore lace too back then, but then again they also wore tights and velvet bloomers... Lace in the Victorian era was just one of many instruments used for the all-important task of 'protecting one's modesty'- helping to cover the ankles of tables and chairs and all that lark. For most of the 20th century, lace was primarily used in bridal fashion. Then the 80's came along and turned fashion on its head (shook it up and down a bit and puked some of it out) lace took on neon tones and also became the Material Girl's material of choice as she lead the fashpack in black and white lace always trimmed with plenty of pearls and crucifixes.

                                                                 Wonder if Madonna makes Jesus wear this belt now?
Fortunately, the new Duchess of Cambridge opted for less Like A Virgin and more like Princess Grace of Monaco with her elegant and ladylike Alexander McQueen creation

"I tried to be like Grace Kelly, but all her looks were too sad"
I love how white lace and black lace both give completely different looks. The former is romantic, girly and angelic, while the latter is seductive, vampish and gothic- instant femme fatale with as little as a pair of lace stockings to create the effect.

Nicole Richie rocking lace & leather and Evan Rachel Wood
Lace was all over the catwalks for S/S'11. Standouts included Christopher Kane, who described his runway show as "Princess Margaret on acid" with neon, lace-printed leather dresses and skirts and demure lace dresses in slightly more muted colours (pictured below). And Dolce and Gabbana made me wish it were summer already with a beautiful collection of ladylike white lace dresses- Kate needs at least one of these in her wardrobe!

Christopher Kane S/S'11
D&G S/S'11
Gothic Goddess at Dior S/S'11
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