Friday, July 29, 2011

CTFW Admit 1

Ok, I’ll admit it... up until Saturday  16th July I was a fashion show virgin. Ok I’d seen high school fashion shows (who hasn’t?) and a few other random mobile displays of clothing as well as the odd drunken encounter (I vaguely recall a lingerie show at Tiger Tiger) , but I’d never gone all the way (to Cape Town Fashion Week). If you’re gasping in horror and exclaiming ‘call yourself a fashion blogger?!’ allow me to explain. I have not always been particularly style savvy. Actually that’s a huge understatement; I was a walking fashion disaster up until the age of 15ish, passable until the age of 18, commercial until the age of 21 (I wore what everyone else was wearing) and only started really paying attention to putting together outfits and experimenting for the past 2 years. The worst part is that back in the ‘walking fashion disaster’ days I honestly believed I was stylish. You know when you meet a person and they go ‘oh yeah, I love fashion!’ and you look them up and down thinking ‘you’re shitting me right?’, well I was that person! This is an actual excerpt from my diary, aged 13: “2day waz civvies day and I wore my sparkly jeans, my sparkly purple top & my sparkly silver nail polish. I waz a glittergirl!! Or glitter fairy.” The aforementioned clothes were both from Mr Price (my favourite store at the time). Oh & I’d just like to point out that the name of my blog has nothing whatsoever to do with this incident, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence.  Also, at the time, I had the figure of a scrawny teenage boy so even if I was wearing something nice I still ended up looking quite ridiculous. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and be Tavi Gevison
I digress... So it was with great trepidation that on Saturday 16th I made my way to the CTICC for the Leigh Schubert/Danielle Margaux/Thula Sindi show (thanks Leigh!). Amazingly, my wardrobe crisis was of the mild variety; I only tried on 3 different outfits. It helped that I really wanted to wear the vintage lilac top from my gran that I mentioned here. I always find it easiest to plan an outfit if I have one item to start with, something I really want to wear that I can build the rest of the look around. My aesthetic was pastels with black so I paired the top with black velvet leggings, black wedge heels (both from Woolies) and a seafoam coloured cuff bangle from Hout Bay market. I was planning on wearing a peach, rose-detailed aliceband from H&M but it just looked like too much on so I settled for a black bow one instead (and peach nails). Here’s a pic- excuse my dazed expression!

As I drove up to the CTICC I was greeted by the most beautiful sunset.

Gotta love Cape Town!

The show itself was fabulous, the massive auditorium with it's industrial feel, high ceiling & hollow square-shaped runway felt like it's own little world, a fashion bubble in the middle of the big city. I was in the regular seating (not the press pen) so my photos are more of the artistic variety & the following pics are all from ifashion. Leigh Schubert's collection was first, a colour palette of gorgeous neutrals; mainly chocolates, charcoals and pastel hues of greys and beige. I loved the 'feminine yet strong' feel of the clothes, the floaty fabrics and lots of details like scalloped edges, pleats, vertical stripes (very flattering), ruffles and ruching.

Love the deep chocolates & asymmetrical neckline
My absolute favourite dress!
Danielle Margaux was next with a collection inspired by peacock feathers (which the models all wore in their hair). A base of neutrals accented by pale yellow and green & blue jewel tones reminiscent of Gucci S/S '11.

Margaux's model tribe
There were several chic 'office looks' as well as some bolder dresses, all very summery. My favourite was this stunning Grecian-esque dress- I could definitely picture myself swanning around some fabulous cocktail party in Camps Bay in it!

The final collection was Thula Sindi's. Lots of luxe gold, North African-inspired prints & patterns, black, bright pink & touches of punk & 80's prom. Not quite my style, but fashion is nothing if not subjective. What I did like was how all the models lined up & then walked round together at the end; I think it's important for the audience to view the whole collection as a cohesive unit. Below are some of my 'artsy' happy snaps.

Before I knew it, it was all over, applause echoing in my head as everyone filed out. I was stopped for a fashion snap by (which they never did put up on their site. Bastards. Just kidding!) and then stepped out into the balmy air and inky sky. No seriously, it was the middle of July & I was in short-sleeves, at night, fantastic! I am now officially 'a person who goes to fashion shows'. Can't wait for the next CTFW!

Listening to: The Shame, by a random Scottish singer Alex Cornish 
as featured on last week's episode of Mnet's Private Practice, 
seriously he's great!
Wearing: Leopard print (more on this to come)
Loving: Caramel Vodka!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Ok I think need an intervention! Is there such a thing as nail polish rehab? My drugs of choice are Tip Top & OPI, but I'm really not that fussy. On 2nd thoughts, screw the intervention, I'm so not ready to quit yet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Fame

So Amy Winehouse died on Saturday. I assume this is not news to anyone, not unless you don't have the internet/a tv/radio/newspaper or friends. If this was the case you probably wouldn't even know who Amy Winehouse is, or be reading this blog. The mind boggles. I noticed I just typed 'is' when really I should have said 'was'. I'm not going to correct it though. It seems like there's always that strange little time period after a person's passed away where it's automatic to still refer to them in the present tense. I digress... Amy's death, while not really a great surprise, was an undeniable loss to the music industry. It's always sad when someone so talented becomes self-destructive to the point of no return and yet it's a very common theme in the entertainment industry. I can think of just a handful of icons who died at a young age with no role to play in their own demise; the occasional plane crashes, deadly illnesses, random murders or stingray barbs pale in comparison to the drug overdoses, suicides, thrill-seeking, drunk-driving accidents and gang-warfare murders.

As I attempt to take my own tentative steps into the entertainment industry, I can't help but think about this thing called fame. Millions of people the world over crave it and those who have it are a constant source of curiosity for those who don't. Very very few people become famous by accident, they might claim they did, but lets be honest, they're bullshitting. The only way you can truly achieve fame by accident is if you are born into royalty, be it actual royalty or 'Hollywood royalty'. In this technological day and age an unsuspecting person could achieve Youtube fame, perhaps via someone else's camera phone, but that kind of attention is fleeting and if they sustain it, it's because they chose to do so & put a great amount of effort into building a career off their online success. Don't try and tell me that when Kate Middleton accepted her 1st date with Wills that she didn't for a second entertain a vision of walking up Westminster Abbey in a white dress or that an infamous celebrity mistress didn't picture a future front page headline before she 'fell into bed' with her victim of choice, or that Susan Boyle wasn't imagining herself in the Britain's Got Talent finale when she first stepped on that stage. The grand irony of it all is that despite the fact that all of our generation's icons deliberately achieved fame, they find themselves unable to admit that they actually wanted it. It is the last taboo. You can confess to having a drug addiction, eating disorder, multiple affairs, a mental disorder, criminal record, being gay, being a Republican, Scientologist etc, but God forbid you say you wanted to be famous! You might as well say you have syphilis! The only person who I can think of offhand who's happily admitted to it (the fame, not the syph) is Gaga, but then again she was also quite willing to let people go around thinking she had a tiny penis so she's hardly representative of the average celebrity... How many times have you heard of an actor saying 'I never intended to become a celebrity, I just wanted to act' or a singer that 'just wanted to make music'? I guess they think it makes them sound humble or something? You could be as narcissistic as the love child of Kanye West & Paris Hilton, but don't you dare say you want your name in lights! Another 'rule' of the industry? Complain bitterly about the pesky paps that won't leave you alone just before you whip out your iPhone to tell them exactly where to find you.

There's also the question of whether fame destroys people. I don't think this is entirely true, I think that money, power and adoration only serve to exacerbate an existing problem and that many famous people who go off the rails were attracted to fame in the first place because of something they felt was missing inside of them and the lifestyle and money affords them easy access to the things that can further mess up their lives. The bottom line? I don't believe fame killed Amy Winehouse, it just gave her a legacy to leave behind.

Amy in healthier times
While writing this post I was reminded of a poem I wrote some time ago. I don't really write poetry (so please forgive the uneven stanzas & random rhyming) but I woke up one morning with the opening line in my head & figured I should write it down. I think I wrote this around the time that the Britney's & Lindsay's of this world were going cray-cray.

Shattered Diamonds

In the fickle world of fame and fortune
Fantasies collide
Dreams are fragile, lovers compete
Nothing’s sacred, no-one’s whole
Privacy’s a treat

“Welcome to Hollywood”
The ringmaster yells
As the jailor slams the gate
Everybody points and stares
And jealousy breeds mockery

What goes up is dragged back down
Kicking and screaming, wild eyed
In the agony of a rusted reputation
Respect and reverence?
Once rife in the Tinseltown days of yore
Now lost forever more

The camera flashes
Captures another freak-show
The bears in cages howl again
And the world keeps
Poking, poking, poking
Rattling chains, teasing, taunting

“They asked for it”, they protest
“They knew what was coming”
They played into it, sabotaged their lives
While slack-jawed spectators watched
With glee

“Trailer trash”
“Tabloid fodder”
“Poor little rich girls”
“Lost souls”
No sympathy, no humanity
The tabloid rack the Coliseum of today

Click of a camera
Click of a mouse
Pages of a glossy flick
Spiteful laughter crackles in the air
Turning a stranger’s glory
To dust

“Who would willingly invite such
Public humiliation?”
They ask
But don’t forget;
A trapped parrot sometimes plucks out
It’s own feathers.


Sunday, July 24, 2011


Yep, that's me, guilty as charged. Been distracted by a new job and sunshine & a computer that routinely refuses to co-operate with me. New posts will appear this coming week, I promise. In the meantime, here's an awesome pic for you- German Vogue cover- making me crave summer even more than I already am, and bright summer clothes & a subtle tan that doesn't come out of a bottle. Oh and time to start saving for a nice pair of sunglasses coz it's high time this fashion lover owns a pair that costs more than R100! Also loving that bow bikini top, super cute!

Listening to: Adele's 21 (who isn't?)
Wearing: An abundance of pretty headbands & alicebands 
(trying to grow out my fringe)
Loving: Making homemade chicken soup-my specialty!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ooh La La! C'est Clémence Poésy!

So I mentioned in last Tuesday's post that I going to be doing something of a wardrobe experiment for this week, but what I have in mind is better suited to winter weather, not this glorious sunshiny heat that Cape Town has been lending us since Friday, so I'm putting it on the back-burner until winter decides to rear its frosty head again. In the meantime, in the spirit of this mock summer, I'm posting this lovely editorial from this month's US InStyle, shot in Portofino Italy with actress Clémence Poésy; America's favourite French darling since Marion Cottilard. She may not have an Oscar on her nightstand, and only a handful of English language films to her name (including a role in Harry Potter and the female lead in In Bruges opposite my favourite Irish badboy, Colin Farrell), but a stint on Gossip Girl as the woman who made Chuck forget Blair (albeit temporarily), her unconventional beauty and her ability to always effortlessly strike the right fashion notes has secured her It Girl status.

Living La Dolce Vita

Love the espadrille-wedges!

Boho-glam with daisy earring and tie-dye effect De La Renta dress
Have I mentioned how much I want cat-eye sunglasses?

What could be more quintessentially French than this outfit?

Listening to: California Dreaming
Wearing: Open-toed shoes(!)
Loving: Making pretty fashion collages on

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Headlines

Heavily pregnant Victoria captured by her husband
Posh Pops
Victoria Beckham gave birth yesterday to a baby girl named Harper Seven Beckham. The couple welcomed their daughter on Sunday at Cedars Sinai in LA via an elective C-Section ( too Posh to push? Ok ja, that was a lame pun). General consensus regarding the name falls into 2 camps; love it or hate it and there are already a bunch of jokes floating around the blogosphere and twitterville. I'm not going indulge too much (I like the Beckham family) but I have to share my favourite one that I read, "Did the midwife ask Beckham for a name or the time?", coz if you say Harper Seven quickly and with a British accent it does sound remarkably like 'half past 7'! But I do like the name Harper, even though I've only ever heard of one woman with that name (To Kill a Mockingbird author, Harper Lee), and it reminds me of other Hollywood babies with unusual names beginning with H, namely Harlow Madden and Honor Warren, so baby Beckham's in good company. Yes Seven is a bit weird, but no-one bothers about middle names anyway once the new baby drama wears off. Apparently 7 was David's number when he played for Man U, but I'm sure there's more significance than that. Considering that the couple's other 3 kids all have Biblical middle names (Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David) and 7 is considered the holy number, it would appear that they did put some thought into it. Also, she was born in the 7th month and on a Sunday, the 7th day of the week (and also a holy day). And besides, these days it's practically a right of passage for celebs to slip at least one weird thing into the naming of their offspring!

And Kate Too!
Kate Hudson also gave birth in LA over the weekend, on Saturday night. Despite earlier saying she suspected she was carrying a girl, it turned out not to be the case as she welcomed her second son. Kate and fiance (also baby daddy) Matthew Bellamy haven't revealed a name yet, but considering her firstborn carries the perfectly normal name of Ryder it's not likely to be anything too bizarre.

Candice (Stunner)poel for Tom Ford
It's always warm the cockles of my little heart to see fellow South Africans doing so well for themselves in international waters. And Candice Swanepoel is arguably our biggest export on the supermodel front. She's the face of the yet to be released Tom Ford ad campaign, another highlight to add to a resume that already contains such prestigious achievements as being a Victoria Secret Angel, fronting the fragrance campaign for Versace Bright Crystal and gracing the cover of Italian Vogue. Here are a couple of images from the upcoming campaign. Ons meisie is looking FI-ERCE! Though I must say it's quite a departure from her usual super bronzed, super blonde 'dollface' look.

Cape Town fashion week kicks off on Wednesday. For info on the shows & schedule, click here.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Creativity on Tap

Wouldn't that be great? Turn it on when you need it and off when you don't (like when you're trying to sleep). I was thinking about this last night & the image popped into my head. I thought I'd try some photoshop MS Paint but had no luck with trying to google wine barrel with tap thingy- I'm sure there's a proper name for it. Then I remembered we actually had one which is like 30 years so I grabbed little pink camera & dusty barrel thing and ventured into my garden with them. Behold my photographic "masterpiece" :P

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just a Quick One

Cape Town is fa-fa-fareeezing! I somehow manage to be permanently underdressed for the weather whenever I step out of my car and at home my dressing gown has become my second skin. As a result it's turning from a soft pink to a grey-pink. I would wash it, but then I'd have to go hours without it! Besides, the last time I threw it in with the laundry it didn't work out very well for me (I'd left tissues in the pockets). Speaking of tissues, I've come down with a cold (joy of joys) and I had a casting this morning and probably disgusted everyone in the waiting room with my sniffely noises and mangled tissue clutched in my paw, especially the modelly-types (coz models are genetically superior super-humans and don't get sick ya see?). To make matters worse I've got a shoot on Fri for a cookery dvd thingy so I'm loading up on barocca, garlic and loads of water to try and speed things along. Apparently the weather's meant to warm up very soon, they've predicted 25 degrees for Sat, but I'm not holding my (garlicky) breath...

An alarming amount of my friends and facebook friends seem to be away at the moment, mostly in Europeland, and I'm getting a wee bit ticked off (read 'jealous') at all the Europy statuses, photos and gushing about shopping. I also wouldn't have minded a shorter excursion, ie to the Durban July, I've never been & have always wanted to, even more so now that I've just seen the coverage on Top Billing. Did any of you go? Was it really all that? On the brightside, my parents were also participants of the mass exodus (London) and are returning tomorrow, dutifully bringing with them my shopping requests from New Look & an extra kilo of baggage in the form of fashion magazines, I can't wait!

I was at my grandmother's today & every now and then she gets a bee in her bonnet and tries to offload clothes she no longer wants on me. After I'd politely refused to adopt the giant pink leather coat or the even more humungous russian-looking white yeti coat which I suspect may once have been the great great grandfather of Knut, I ended up with a cool black velvet coat with ruched sleeves which I may get shortened into a jacket, a large grey jacket which is vaguely military-looking and will be even more so once I've replaced the buttons with brass ones, a velvet beret which will be perfect for the Bastille Festival in Franschoek next weekend and best of all, a truly stunning lilac blouse which I'll probably be posting a picture of very soon!

So there was a beautiful royal wedding this weekend. Oh and Prince Albert got married too. Her Royal Highness of scandal  fashion, Kate Moss, married Jamie Hince in England in a small private ceronmany that was every bit classy, elegant, simple and as expected, stylish. Though I'm totally gonna go pouffy princess if I ever get married, I really loved her Galliano dress, especially the gold fern detailing on the bottom; a little bit boho, a little bit vintagy, every bit Kate. I'm not going to do a blog post about it because like a bajillion people have done that already, but you can check out some great pics of the bride, groom, wedding party and the dress here on I don't really know much about this Jamie character, unlike Kate's other relationships, this one's pretty much flown under the radar since 2007, I'm just glad that for Kate's 1st journey up the aisle, the groom wasn't Pete Doherty or the party favours syringes!

That's all from me for now. Am going to be doing a wardrobe experiment for the duration of next week which I'll definately be blogging about, but I'm sure you'll be hearing from me before then, sniffles and all!
In the meantime, stay warm and toasty, much like these two, who are rocking a crapload of great winter items between them; cape, avaitor jacket, snood, knitted long socks, faux (I hope) fur and heeled hiking boots. Loves it!

Listening To: The Sound of Silence (the Simon & Garfunkel song, not actual silence)
Wearing: The afore-mentioned dressing gown, ick!
Loving: Looking at old pictures of great memories

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