Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She's Got The Moves Like Jagger

I'm kicking off a series on this blog. It's a relatively short one so we could actually call it a mini-series. I'm calling it In The Genes. Basically it's models/It-Girls who have famous mommies/daddies/grannies/grampas. I'm rather fascinated by family history and genetics and the way you can sometimes see such a strong resemblance from one person to another even several generations down the line. Of course some people may argue that the children of celebrities get a massive head-start on their careers based on their last names and industry connections, but if you think about, don't all models and beautiful people have a fast-track in life? Same goes for talented people, they're just as much 'born with it' as Kate Moss was born with her face. You and I have something of a fast-track too; the mere fact that you're reading this at a computer on the Internet puts you in the top percentile of the world's population, the privileged. It's really all relative (no pun intended).
So, back to the subject. my debut debutante is Georgia May Jagger (don't you just love that name?!)

The Stats

Full Name: Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger (known as Georgia May)
DOB: 12/01/92 (aged 19 & Capricorn)
Famous Ties: Papa was a Rolling Stone (Mick Jagger), Mom is former supermodel Jerry Hall, big sis is Lizzy Jagger (also a model) and her eldest, half-sister is Jade Jagger (from Mick's marriage to Bianca Jagger). Jewelry designer & socialite Jade also modelled when she was younger. Basically, this family manufactures supermodels like China manufactures cheap plastic crap...
Known For: Her wide mouth & full lips (wonder who she got that from?) as well as the prominant gap between her front teeth.
Career Highlights: Aside from an enviable collection of international Vogue & Harper's Bazaar covers, Georgie has fronted campaigns for Hudson Jeans and Rimmel, graced the cover of British Vogue, Won Britian's Model of the Year award, and, in 2010, replaced Gisele Bundchen as the face of Versace!
Hangs out with: Big sis Lizzy, fellow models Daisy Lowe, Coco Rocha, Lily Cole
Scandal: Nothing much yet (just the usual cocaine rumours), but it's only a matter of time- comes with the territory...
Epic Tweets: None really, she does have a twitter @GeorgiaMJagger, but doesn't use it much.
Quirks: Slightly obsessed with leopard print (we have that in common then).
Why she's fabulous: A lot of famous models have that uber-polished, untouchable look about them, and while GMJ certainly appears polished in many of her pics she still often has a sort-of charming gawkiness about her, like in the pic below. It makes her seems more accessible, more like your average teen & I hope she doesn't grow out of that.

Purple Fashion

Picture time! Below are a collection of my favourite pics from her various editorials. In some, she bares an uncanny resemblance to a young Brigette Bardot.

Harper's Bazaar UK

Vogue UK

Harper's Bazaar UK

Vogue Russia
W Magazine
Teen Vogue

Vogue China

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Waitress

This week's been utter mayhem so far! Still busy trying to organize a fashion editorial for online mag I think I mentioned earlier, (the whole getting models bit is what's currently frustrating me) started the new acting course and I still need to prepare for a couple of big auditions asap! Also, my little brother's coming back from London on Sunday for a month's vacation (he's a fashion photographer ingenue working for Elite London *brag brag*). So yes, rather chaotic! However, I am working on new posts as I speak, er type & am exploding with new ideas. Going to be content-sharing and blogging for One Dog Chicken's site very soon, but more on that later. Anyhoo, I thought in the meantime, I'd leave y'all with a little outfit post. I wore this to work the other day. I'm currently waitressing/attending to the bar at Cafe Chic in Gardens. I'm also helping them with their Twitter, so if you're a fan of unpretentious French food, good cocktails and 'une maison belle' do them a solid & follow @Cafe_Chic. Aside from the fact that I've never worked with such great owners & managers before (although given my waitressing history that's not really saying alot!) I'm absolutely loving the fact that there's no uniform, not even so much as an apron & I can even wear my hair down! All that is required is to look, well, chic. My style (not that I really have one) is currently evolving in a more grundgy rock-esque direction if those are words, but I do still love a good skirt. Picked up this fuschia, high-waisted and pocketed beauty at a TopShop sale a few years back for next to nothing & I absolutely adore it! The white you're seeing on my foot is just the inside of my shoe, waitresses must wear flats at all times unless masochistic!

My Bucket List features this week on Being Brazen's lovely blog. Check it out here!

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Clouds are Crying

I've had a crazy week so far and now that it's Friday I'm finally taking a breath. No I lie, I'm totally procrastinating by doing this post instead of replying to emails & other unexciting admin-y things. But it's raining in Cape Town & I'm tucked up all snuggly on the couch still in my pantoffels. Confession; I love the rain. In fact, the only reason I call myself a summer person I because I really hate the cold. If I lived somewhere that had summer rainfall I'd be very happy. Except for the fact that a cold and rainless winter would be doubly crap... But if you've ever been on vacation or lived somewhere with a tropical climate (and yes, Durban totally counts!) you'd know what I mean when I say there's nothing as magical as the late-afternoon thunderstorm that refreshes the day's sticky, draining humidity and the sweet smell that wafts up from the ground afterwards.
On the other end of the heat spectrum there's snow, which is even more magical especially because it's so rare when us South Africans get a chance to experience it. We get it's poorer cousin, hail, which can also be a little bit exciting. So, to summarize, I'm a fan of all forms of precipitation (except pigeon shit).  W Magazine is also a fan, which is why they plonked some models in the 'snow' along with some kids and some farm animals (and, er, a lion; spot the odd one out?). The result? Spooky, ethereal, beautiful.
Hope you have a great weekend! Don't forget your umbrella.

W Magazine December 2010

Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

I actually like Mondays. I sometimes get frustrated that I can't get stuff done on the weekends & each new week feels like a fresh page. Of course, I'd probably feel differently if I actually worked a 5-9 'office job' in which case Monday would hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm just not designed for that type of thing. I hope you had a great weekend and if you didn't, oh well, at least the Bokke won! Had a rather productive day today, discussed concepts for a shoot I'm styling on Thurs, it's a fashion shoot for the Vega photography students which is nice because I pretty much have carte blanche with the styling & can go quite avant garde although I'm pretty much limited to my own wardrobe + whatever the models bring & anything else I can beg/borrow/steal. Hopefully everything goes smoothly & the students get really excited about fashion photography. Also need to prepare for an editorial I'm organizing & styling for an online fashion mag, but more on that to come. Sat in on a class for a short acting course I'm wanting to join, looks like it's gonna be great, and then (because I did NOT want to sit in traffic), decided to head to the V&A for a little bit of wandering around shopping. On the way I saw a guy in a left-hand drive Merc with Texas plates, how bizarre is that? I can just picture it: "it's bayad enough ahy gotta go ta Africa, but ahy'd be a son of a gun if ahy ain't taykin mah own car!". Took my watch into Fossil to get a broken link replaced & while I was waiting, entertained myself with browsing the massive wallets display. Dangerous stuff... Well I justified it by telling myself I needed a new wallet (mostly true) and that it was an 'investment buy' (definitely true). Also, I finally found a leopard print scarf! Well it actually turned out to be a shawl, but that kinda makes it more versatile methinks. Found it at Me Jane of all places, random little African clothing store & they had them in like 6 different types of leopard print.  Actually, ever since I blogged about it, I've been spotting leopard everywhere! Definitely one of spring/summer's hottest prints. Speaking of, I'll be starting with some S/S trend inspiration very soon. Stay tuned!

Ah my new pretties!

Friday, August 19, 2011

You did WHAT?!

A great image from a La Dolce Vita inspired Ferragamo campaign

Today I’m going to tell you a little story. It’s a rather tragic tale so you might want to grab a tissue.  Once upon a time in 2009 I was sitting on a tourbus in Barcelona with La Familia (mine, not the Mexican drug cartel) happily enjoying being on vacation and admiring the beautiful architechture of the Spanish city (also, the window displays of all the designer stores we were driving past). Just past the plate-glass window of Ferragamo, completely out of the blue, mi madre casually announces  “I won a Ferragamo bag once” 

A little bit of background, my mother used to win quite a few competitions back in the day when she was a housewife and I was in Huggies. Most notably she won an Mnet decoder, not being particularly interested in TV, my parents likely would not have got one otherwise and my childhood just wouldn’t have been the same without Saturday and Sunday morning KTV with my little bro! I, on the other hand, never seem to win a damn thing, not even so much as a scratchcard!  

Back to the bus, I believe my voice took on a rather suspicious/accusatory tone, the kind where you already have an inkling of what’s coming, as I asked ‘What happened to it?”.  Her reply? Something along the lines of this.
“It was too big and I already had a handbag so I gave it to the maid”

Gave. It. To. The. Maid. The bloody maid?! Lets get something straight, you already had a daughter who very possibly was going to grow up to have some interest in fashion and you decided to give the designer handbag you just won to the maid?  Look, don't get me wrong, I'm all for helping those less fortunate, passing on unwanted clothes, toys etc, but I'm willing to bet that circa 1990 South Africa, even your average housewife didn't know the name 'Ferragamo' let alone her domestic worker! According to my mother the bag was a large, chocolate brown leather number and that's all she can remember, but considering this was years before the whole It Bag phenomenom I picture it to have been rather classic in style, like a Hermes Birken. I can just imagine it's fate, the maid in question ( I don't know who she was, my mom used a maid service so it would often be a different person each week, which only adds insult to injury I feel) probably sold the bag for R10 and it ended up being stuffed with text books by some kid and lugged around to school until it fell apart at its hand-sewn seams. I could cry. 

Just to quickly explain the 'I already had a handbag' bit; my mother is one of those strange people who only has one handbag. It's a rather small plain black leather square one with a flap over the front and a super long strap she wears across her body (to thwart muggers). She wears it with everything. But I daren't complain, as this bag is actually a massive upgrade. Throughout most of my childhood (when she was even more concerned by the whole mugging/grab and snatch possibility) she wore a moonbag.Yes a giant black leather 'fannypack' that she strapped across her middle via its thick seatbelt-esque strap completely ruining every single outfit she ever wore. Sometimes I swear I was adopted...

I don't think I'll ever quite get over 'The Barcelona Incident' and I'm convinced that Salvatore Ferragamo himself has reached out from beyond the grave and cursed my family and my future first born for our actions (it's why I never win anything) , but my therapy has been looking at other Ferragamo bags online. Here are some pretties.

From left: The 'Emidia' bag, the 'Marissa Plume' and a fabulously Mod design.

The 'Hayers', the Resort bag, and love me some feathers!
In hindsight I suppose it could've been worse. It could've been Chanel...

The scene of the crime (from Google Maps)
PS: There's no such thing as a handbag that's 'too big'.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Abi Files: Episode 4

Abi's back! Enjoying her acting classes, finding her inner comedienne and inviting you all to the VAMP short film launch party.

Bonjour Readers!

It has been a while since I've graced the walls of this blog. For the past few weeks I have been learning the gorgeous British accent and watching takes of Atonement to help get the correct pronunciation. I love the British accent for it's crisp and clear sounding vowels- and lets face it, it's hot ;) On my last lesson of the 6-session course, I had to read an Irish monologue, apparently my teacher, Tam, thinks I'm a good Irish lady after a hilarious but successful attempt at an Irish improv exercise! After reading various pieces in the standard British and Irish accents, my teacher decided to spontaneously hand our class a mic and insisted that we give the class a bloody stand up comedy show! We all 'shat ourselves' but luckily I can quote Russel Peters and Mike McIntyre like most girls can quote Coco Chanel, so the class was in stitches! Score! We have just started the American accent... It's not my favourite (because that would be the Chinese accent) but it seems to be going fine.

Off the topic of speech; I'd love you to attend my short film (also, Jade Mulvaney's because she directed it). It's for the VAMP clothing line and it's being launched on Monday 5th September at The Waiting Room. Here's a link to the Facebook event. It has everything to do with the two most awesome things: Fashion and vampires. The party also involves alcohol and music... can't wait!

If you enjoy reading my posts, then please  follow me on twitter so that we can stay connected. I'm sure that if you like fashion, music, art, acting, yoga, dancing or the occasional Marlboro red cigarette (Love the British pronunciation for cigarette!) then I'm sure we have lots in common. Those are my basic interests.. It goes a lot deeper but I believe there is a social mask for a reason. Can't share everything!
Hope you have a splendid day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Picture Time!

It's Jessica Stam! In a pit full of pianos! What's not to love?! Ok I'll stop with all the punctuation.

Jessica had a rather unconventional method of piano tuning...

Like A Teenybopper

I have a confession to make; I’ve never watched a concert movie before. I usually go and watch a film because I’m interested in seeing how a particular story plays out, so I had no idea what to expect when I was invited to review Glee The 3D Concert Movie. Of course I had to dress to the occasion and went with a super colourful outfit inspired by the nature of Glee itself rather than any particular character, and armed with my giant popcorn and blue slushy (I feel like slushy-drinking is mandatory if one is going to watch Glee) settled down for a musical extravaganza in 3 dimensions. 

Doing the 'Glee pose' in my nerd specs (actually the 3D glasses)
'This shirt is Bananas' T-shirt: TopShop
Stripy skirt: Mr Price
Bag: Revenge
Tights: Woolies & Boots: Shoe HQ
The braces: nicked from daddy's closet

I do love the TV series, but before I watched this film I never realized how it is so much more than ‘just another great show on TV’ to its fans around the world. Glee is a program that carries a message seldom seen on the television. More than just teaching tolerance or acceptance of people who are different (homosexuality, disability, obesity, OCD and teen pregnancy are just some of the issues its characters face), the show teaches that a person’s individuality should be celebrated and while the unique members of the Glee club are considered ‘losers’ by their schoolmates and endure bullying in the hallways, they are rockstars on stage and can belt out a tune and bust a move like it’s nobody’s business! Thus the show carries the message to its millions of viewers that it’s great to be different and that no-one should ever be afraid to just be themselves. 

The film could’ve chosen to focus solely on the performances on stage in the massive Izod Centre stadium in New Jersey, which were a great selection of high energy song and dance showstoppers including a variety of show tunes, songs previously performed on the series and current pop music, but they also decided to tell the story of the fans. The style of the film was part documentary, part mockumentary as the footage of the fans was authentic, but the actors themselves continued to portray their Glee characters during the backstage/behind the scenes parts. The actual performances were interspersed with interview footage taken outside the stadium; dozens of fans giving their opinions on the series and their favourite characters as well as following the stories of three different teenagers and ‘Gleeks’ who face special challenges and believe that Glee has helped them with their journeys. Not to give too much away, but their stories were really moving and I had to try not to sniffle into my popcorn.

From a visual and audio point of view it truly felt like I was there in the stadium watching the New Directions kick some serious ass across that stage, I had to keep reminding myself that I didn’t need to clap. There was a great mixture of solos, duets and group performances. The only thing that I felt was missing were the McKinley High teachers. There was a performance by the fantastic Gwenyth Paltrow (who has a guest role as a substitute teacher in season 2) but Mr Schuester, Emma Pillsbury and Sue Sylvester were all MIA. I know they weren’t part of the concert tour, but they play such a large role in the narratives of the series and it would’ve been nice to have had an ensemble performance from them even if just for the film.
Overall it was a fun way to spend 90 minutes, I found myself looking at one of my favourite TV shows in a whole new way and was unable to get Don’t Stop Believing out of my head for the rest of the day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Mirrors on the Ceiling, the Pink Champagne on Ice"

Ah the Chateau Marmont! If only these walls could talk... This famous Sunset Boulevard hotel has acted as a refuge and temporary home for many a Tinseltown icon, from the legendary (Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo, Vivien Leigh) to the not quite so legendary (Lindsay Lohan). A history filled with scandalous stories and all kinds of Hollywood hedonism. Actor John Belushi and fashion photographer Helmut Newton both died on the premises (Belushi from an overdose in his bungalow and Newton from crashing his car into a wall in the driveway, as you do...) and the Eagles famous 'Hotel California' is widely believed to be about the Chateau. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova got herself all gussied up for a shoot at the hotel for US Vogue (May '11). Love these fun pics!

How to catch a man- supermodel style

A touch of Prada down the corridor
Ok now I want pink jeans!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Women in Fashion; A Retrospective

The fashion industry has always run predominately along a certain status quo, which can be summed up pretty much as follows: fashion is created by gay men, to be worn by women, and appreciated by straight men. However, that's not to say that there aren't plenty of women who have made massive contributions to the industry. I'm not talking about style icons here, we have a plethora of those, but women who have dedicated their life's work to a making some serious waves in an industry that still struggles to be taken seriously and to free itself from accusations of frivolity. By the way, why does fashion fall victim to that label? I'd hazard a guess that fashion is just as popular with women as sport is with men and on the grander world scale of politics, philosophy & intellectual stuff, both seem equally pointless, yet you don't hear people calling sport frivolous! Ah ye olde double standard again, but this sounds like an argument for another day...In light of today being National Woman's Day in South Africa (ladies, can I get a woop woop?!) I thought I'd share in pictures the stories of just a few of the women who have sewn their mark on the fabric of fashion. Of course there's dozens of others, but I don't want to bore you (or be here all night!).

3 Times a Lady
She gave us the quilted chain bag, the tweed twinset, Breton stripes and No.5. She made pearls mandatory, tans fashionable and trousers feminine. She also contributed an epic amount of witticisms to the world of quotes. Obviously I'm talking about Coco Chanel, a pioneer in every sense of the word. A few things about 'Coco' you may not have known: she was born poor to illiterate parents, her mother died when she was 12 & she spent 6 years in an orphanage. Her real name was Gabrielle. She later concocted a more glamourous story about her childhood & even claimed to be 10 years younger than she really was. She performed in cabaret bars in France before entering the fashion world, where she first became a hat-maker before eventually branching out into leisurewear. She had a wide variety of scandalous affairs and dalliances, but never married. She closed all her stores for the duration of WWII as she believed it was not a time for fashion. She remained working right up until her death at 87.

Mary Mary Quant contrary
Mary Quant. Not the most instantly recognizable name to someone who doesn't follow fashion, not like Coco, or say, Twiggy. But she changed the face of fashion in the 1960's. When one thinks of 60's fashion; the bright colours, short hemlines, stripes, go-go boots, flower power, Quant was right there, at the forefront. Ever wondered who invented the mini-skirt? Well, Mary did. And then, as if that wasn't enough, she invented hotpants too. In the late 50's young Mary had spotted a niche in the market for youth clothing. Something that young adults could wear that wasn't children's clothing or adult work wear. She opened her own boutique call Bazaar and on the back of it's popularity, launched her own label, 'Mary Quant'. She claims she wanted to create a skirt that women could run for the bus in and named it after her favourite car, the Mini. Her clothes  (and similar designs by her contempories) were known as The London Look (long before Rimmel & Kate Moss used the phrase).

The Quant logo
Mary at work

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
"You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are"- Alice In Wonderland. Dame Vivienne Westwood is just a touch mad. But she's also one of the greatest British designers of all time. Known for her slogan T's, anarchic messages, punk aesthetics, love of tartan, over-the-top couture and penchant for starring in her own ad campaigns, often without makeup & unkempt hair (or sitting on a garbage bin), Vivienne rose to fame during the punk movement of the 1970's. She has always been very politically and environmentally consciouss and frequently uses her clothing to send whatever message she wants to convey at the time.

5 shades of cuckoo, 10 shades of talented
Some of her couture looks & her famous "I am not a terrorist, please don't arrest me" t-shirt
 The 'Holy' Trinity
What do a fur-loving Brit, an overweight Jewish girl and a former model have in common? Not much, except that for the last 10 years, they've been telling you exactly what to wear.

The Taste-makers: Anna, Alexandra and Carine

While the male designers may dominate the catwalks, they would be nobodies if the magazine editors didn't give them the time of day, and there is no fashion magazine more influential than Vogue. In fact, there is so much fashion power between these 3 women that if they were all to be in the same place at the same time, the room would probably explode into a ball of chiffon and Egyptian cotton. Anna Wintour, the UK-born editor of US Vogue since 1988, is of course the most famous (read infamous). Mortal enemy of animal rights group PETA and alleged 'Devil in Prada', controversy is never far from Miss Wintour, but it cannot be denied that the American Vogue is still the most successful fashion magazine in the world and the credit is all to her.  Alexandra Shulman, editor of the UK edition since 1992 managed to increase circulation by 200 000 since taking the reigns, no mean feat. She is also refreshingly 'normal' looking and has been quoted as saying "My dad said I'd never get a husband if I didn't lose weight. Is it any wonder women hate their bodies" (she didn't lose the weight. She did get a husband). Carine Roitfeld is the baby of the family as Editor in Chief of French Vogue since 2001. The former model resigned from her post in January of this year after 10 years at the helm (her successor is also a woman). Her daughter, Julia Restoin Roitfeld is a popular model/It Girl on the European scene.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Mizz McCartney might look all unassuming with her virtually makeup-free face, scraped back ponytail and classic clothes, but don't let appearances fool you, Stella is a one-woman powerhouse! Close chommies with Hollywood's elite (think Madonna, Gwyneth and Kate Moss), rock royalty, wife, mother of four and a tour de force on the runway! She could have pissed away her trust fund on diamonds, drugs and hedonism, but she decided she'd rather do something meaningful. She made her 1st jacket aged 13, was interning for Lacroix at 16 (yes I'm sure her dad's connections did help a little) and had her supermodel friends (including Kate, Naomi and Yasmin Le Bon) modelling her graduation collection. She's most known for her elegantly beautiful, yet simple clothing, her innate knowledge of what looks good on a woman's body and her animal activism. An outspoken member of PETA and a vegetarian, Stella refuses to use fur, leather or suede in her collections and promotes animal-friendly faux alternatives.

'Who run the world? Girls!' Ok nevermind, I hate that song!  Hope y'all had a great Women's Day.
Peace out.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

From the Catwalk: Jason Wu

Jason Wu's clothes are without a doubt among the most wearable on the international catwalks. He designs for the everyday modern woman; elegant work-wear chic coupled with key 'cocktail party' statement pieces and the occasional jaw-dropper gowns that mange to be both beautiful and uncomplicated. It shouldn't really come as a surprise that he's a favourite with America's First Lady. Last year's New York A/W collection featured lots of volume and played with different proportions and rustic colours, this year, form fitting and monochrome were on the cards as well as plenty of feathers, sexy high slits and my favourite fabric, black lace. Below are my top 10 looks from the show. Definately felt a little Black Swan inspiration, what with all the feathers and the cool lace mini veils. Also loved the black high-waisted maxi skirt and adored the long black dress with high slit and lace top panel (though that pretty much goes without saying). And nothing screams 'showstopper' quite like a ruby red gown on a predominately black and white runway.

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