Sunday, October 30, 2011

After Dark In The Park

I love these shots, very Film Noir, but with colour.
Blue skin, red lips, a streetlamp, seduction, feathered hats...

I forgot to write the source on the folder when I saved these pics. Too lazy to hunt for it now. Sorry. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Part II: Tapas Nom Noms

Oh good grief is it really Thursday already? To say that this week has flown would be an understatement of note! Anyway, this is the rest of Monday's post. My aunt Katrina has been visiting from Grand Rapids, Michigan USA & we've been spending a lot of time with her up until this morning when she left for the airport for the CPT-JHB part of the long trip home. She loves good food so on Sunday I decided to prepare a little tapas dinner for our family. It was just going to be me, my parents, Katrina & my gran so even though I've never prepared a tapas-style dinner before, I've pulled off 3 course dinner parties for up to 10 friends, so I thought 'piece of cake'! Er, not quite. Trying to co-ordinate the preparation of 8 little dishes that all have to be cooked (or not cooked) for different periods of time is not a task to be sniffed at and even though I'd prepared as much as I could during the afternoon I still ended up finishing an hour & a half after my proposed dinner time. In the end though, I was happy with the results, some things turned out better than others, but at least I know for next time what works and what doesn't. However everyone acted mucho impressed and I'd had the presence of mind to pre-prepare the Malva puddings for dessert, so all I had to do was stick them in the oven for an hour and go relax with my vino in the jacuzzi. Here's some pics from the din-dins.

Appetizer: Cheese, cracker & pate board. Not made by me, but by the great and powerful Woolies. Those chips on the left rank amongst my all-time favourites; potato scoops in sea salt flavour. Seriously, if you haven't tried them yet, jump on that train, you won't regret it!

Bloody Mary Gazpacho. Served with the above board as part of the appetizers. My personal variation of this cold Spanish spicy tomato & cucumber soup. Like a regular gazpacho, but with a touch of vodka. I thought it was pretty good for a gazpacho, but came to the conclusion that I don't actually like gazpacho very much. Oops.

On the left- sauteed potato, honey-glazed carrot and steak skewers. This dish gave me the biggest headache of all. I par-cooked the potato and carrots only to realize that the carrot balls needed way longer in the oven than the potatoes and ended up being rather firm. I was planning on putting the whole arrangement onto mini meat skewers, but the potato chunks just broke in half when I tried, so I ended up using toothpicks instead. And these took forever to cook, they were the last thing I was waiting on when everything else was ready.

On the right: Tomato and garlic bruchettas with grilled camembert. These were quite nice, but tomato & camembert vol au vents probably would've worked better.

Butternut and feta puff pastry parcels. These were really good. Even my mother who claims she doesn't like butternut ate several!

From left: Salad of mixed baby leaves drizzled with viniagrette, baby tomatoes, crumbled gorgonzola, avocado, caramelized pine nuts and biltong. Those caramelized pine nuts were soooo good. We were all snacking on the extra ones while waiting for dinner to be ready. I bought a pack of raw ones from Woolworths, cooked up some sugar syrup on the stove, tossed them around in it, then spread them out on wax wrap and baked them. Was a bit fiddly picking them off though, much patience was needed.
Smoked salmon, Philadelphia cheese and cucumber rolls. They looked pretty and tasted good, but were a nightmare to put them together properly. Won't be making them again.
Honey and rooibos-marinated chicked breast in parma ham. Once the chicken had reached perfect tenderness, the ham was boggy, so I had to stick them under the grill which cooked the chicken more than I would've liked. Stilled tasted good though.

A last-minute addition: Button mushroom skewers done in my signature style- fried with garlic, chili and lemon juice.

The spread. Forgot to take a piccie of dessert later :(

Dishing up. Clockwise: My dad, Katrina, granny & mom.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cheers To The Frikken Weekend! Part I

I'm sure your Facebook & Twitter feeds have been spammed with my post title these last few Fridays, but that song's stuck in my head right now & I have to purge it somehow. Now it's stuck in your head too, muahahaha! I'm evil like that...This is a rather vauge sort of post, I guess you could call it General Specific*. I haven't really been knuckling down with deciding on things to write about & sourcing pics, but I feel like I have to write something so I thought I'd share a few snippets & snaps from my weekend. Thursday night (coz the weekend starts on Thursday y'all) Mizz Abi Parker & went to Clayton Morar's party at The Reserve. Being a rather larney occasion we figured we should probably make a larger than normal effort in dressing up, by which I mean that Abi got a lovely little boutique to dress her & I broke out a mini skirt with 3 shades of sequins...
STOP! It's outfit pic time!

Abi wearing 2-tone dress from Sarah & Co.
Me: sheer Sissy Boy dress pinned up into a top,
skirt from New Look Ltd Edition & shoes from Traffic.
The party was really fun & super well organized by White Room PR. We quaffed loads of bubbly including my all-time favourite; Graham Beck Brut. Now I've tasted French champagne before, from Moet & Veuve to Dom, but in my opinion, our very own Graham Beck trumps all 3. Local really is lekker! We stopped by Fez briefly where actor-boy Siv was having a party before deciding our feet were really really sore & heading home via our adopted cabbie for the evening who we'd entertained earlier with a variety of accents (and that was stone cold sober I'll have you know!).
A few more pics.
Beck bubbles at The One And Only bar
Bag & ring my only accessories for the eve. Coz the skirt was too damn loud for anything else!
With PR guru & Abi's big sis, Sammy Guiness

With Vanessa Hayward

With Bjorn Steinbach
Nothing like an impromptu photoshoot in the Fez loo...
I was planning to write about the rest of my weekend, namely my tapas dinner party, but I hate it when my posts are too long (physical length I mean, the pics tend to do that) & also it's Monday night, which means that my PVR is patiently waiting with the next 'snot & trane' episode of Private Public*, er, I mean Private Practice, so I'll post 'part II' tomorrow. À demain.

*Anyone remember Sheep In The Big City??  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Portfolio Preview

I'm finally in the process of putting together my fashion styling & art direction portfolio. I've been delaying on this for a long time because I didn't feel like I had enough material, or that what I did have wasn't good enough and blah blah blah get on with it already! I'm still harassing some photographers for pics & there's a shoot that I can't yet publish, but here are a few of my favourite pics from what I do have at present, a sort of 'sneak peek' if you will. Thoughts? Criticisms? I promise I can take it (while crying into a bottle of chardonnay).

Styling. My very 1st shoot. Tagged along with my brother shooting portfolios for Boss Models.
Model: Nadia
Photographer: David Sessions
From the same shoot. Model: Sasha-Lee

Styling & Concept.
Model: Melissa G (Trigger)
Photographer: Mark Jackson
Styling & Concept.
Model: Dana from ICE Genetics.
Photographer: Britt Poorter

Concept Shoot with Kim Senogles (Topco).
I did the styling, art direction & makeup.
Photographer: David Sessions

Model: Chrisel (Trigger)
Photographer: Mark Jackson

Styling, Concept & Art Direction
Models: Ntandazo & Siphosethu (Trigger)
Photographer: Britt Poorter

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Human Stain

There's always been a secret part of me that wanted a tattoo. I can't say I thought about it that often though, until recently when the idea of having a small tattoo on the back of my neck started to grow on me. I wear my hair down most of the time (I think it's a psychological rebellion to the fact that I was forced to tie it up in school & I hated it) and there's something very appealing about having an almost secret tattoo that people would suddenly catch a glimpse of if I brushed my hair over my shoulder; it just seems so unexpected. I don't even know what I'd get, but I know I wouldn't want anything too cliched like a butterfly, a star or a swallow,.Perhaps a word in pretty script? I probably won't do it though, I'm way too chicken shit, I start getting all shivery if I just have to go to the dentist. So for the meantime, I'm just wistfully browsing through pics of pretty neck tats & gagging at some rather unpretty ones...

The 1st time I went "ooh that's cool" to a tattoo was when I was in Grade 7 & Dark Angel was on TV. Jessica Alba's character, Max, was a genetically engineered human & all of her kind had barcodes on their necks. Was ridiculously hard to find a screenshot of this, but I eventually discovered this blurry one.

Butterfly. I know I said they're cliched, but it's still really pretty.

Native American-esque feathers

Free Bird

After twirly/curly script, typewriter fonts are my favourite. This tat would be way too big for me though.

It's nice to have a tat that reflects something about who you are; I assume this girl works in fashion. Maybe she's a model, runway models are essentially human coat hangers and designers frequently echo that sentiment. Really hope that hand is not hers...

If you overlook the hairy moles & reverse-Spock hairline, this tattoo is actually ridiculously awesome. Maybe I'm biased coz I'm a big fan of pirates.

I can't say for sure what the significance of the dates are, but she looks too young to have 3 kids so I'm guessing they're days that she lost a loved one. Regardless of what they are this is a beautiful example of a personal tattoo.

My absolute favourite. Beyond cool. Jealous I didn't think of it first!

And now for some shockers...

Très appropriate actually because this inkblot is both funny and tragic.

A finger up the nose is worth four on the neck.

You know you need to get out more when your religion is Harry Potter and it's tattooed on your neck. Also, I wonder if she realizes she's free advertising for Hewlett Packard?

Oh my giddy aunt! Poor Coco just turned in her grave.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Stepford Wife Rebels

Today is a good day. Today I am finally saying goodbye to the demon laptop and returning to the large-screened glowing embrace of the desktop computer. You may remember me listing the sins of the evil laptop here. Well,  in short, some time last year the family desktop PC got itself riddled up with viruses and had to go to computer hospital where the surgeons all wear glasses, have their shirts buttoned up to the top & speak in an unfamiliar tongue called jargon. Or something like that. It appeared to have undergone some sort of chemotherapy for computers, because along with the bad, a lot of good stuff had been wiped out too, like the internet settings and The Sims. You'd think after a year I'd have gotten the computer people in to sort out the WiFi connection situation, but I am nothing if not a terminal procrastinator & struggled on using the evil laptop instead. Until today, when I decided to use my brain Google to figure out how to configure the wireless setting to the PC or whatever and found out that all I actually needed to do was, erm, plug in the long-ass cable attached to the router. Eureka! Apart from feeling rather sheepish about the simplicity of the situation I am also elated. It was like stepping out into full Technicolor. Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! Ooh look how nice my blog looks! The pictures are all so bright! In celebration of this Technicolor epiphany, here are some wickedly colourful and fun pics. Stepford Wife goes on the rampage methinks!
Ruby Aldridge for Vogue Italia Oct 2011

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