Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Style Highlights

Yep, it's time for another red carpet post; there's nothing quite like awards season! Last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Little piece of trivia: the SAG is actually an organization that every single actor in America has to belong to in order to get work on SAG production which includes all TV shows (excluding reality TV) and feature films. Random indie films & shorts are often non-SAG, but once an actor belongs to the Guild, they are not allowed to participate in any non-SAG projects. Basically, anyone you see on the big or small screen in a US production is a member, from George Clooney right down to the chick handing Derek the scalpel on Grey's Anatomy! In terms of prestige, the SAG Awards are 3rd in line, after the Oscars & the Globes. These are some of my favourite looks from last night's soiree.

Michelle Williams in Valentino. To be honest, I don't absolutely love this dress (the length is kinda awkward), but I'm so happy to see Michelle departing from her usual granny-couture look that I had to include it. It gives me hope that she might just rock up in something spectacular come Oscar night, something on a par with the divine mustard Vera Wang of '06...

Ah yes, Dianna, one of my favourite red carpet faces. It's very rare for Miss Agron to put a foot wrong fashoinwise & I love this simple, yet beautiful magenta Carolina Herrera gown. I also like that she paired it with purple shoes!

And she's back! After wandering in the fashion wilderness for quite some time, Natalie struck gold with this drapey, deep rust-coloured Giambattista Valli gown. Note to Charlize- this is how you do large fabric embellishments on a dress.

Lea Michele ditched the extravagance of her usual Marchesa in favour of the screen-siren glamour of Versace with this daring off-white dress. Those ill-fitting shoes must have given her some serious blisters though!

Sarah Hyland is someone I struggle to take seriously. Partly because she looks so much younger than her 22 years and partly because her Modern Family character is pretty damn irritating (also, she's not much of an actress). But I can't deny that the girl knows how to dress & I adore this Temperley frock.

I love Glee's Jayma Mays! And while I have to admit she's a tad overdressed for the SAG Awards, sequins (when done properly) are one of my favourite things. This Reem Acra dress looks like the night sky exploded onto it & twinkled ever so prettily in the sunlight. Amazing!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Imagine yourself watching a couture fashion show. The subdued hush of the crowd, the clicking and flashing of cameras in time with the perfectly-chosen music, models swishing down the catwalk with perfect pace, poise and elegance, just one scrap of the swaths of fabric costing a month's rent and then some. Calmness, impeccable order and precision. Now imagine the opposite of that; panic, chaos, flurry, a half-undressed mess. That's backstage. The crowds on either side of the runway see the models for only a couple of minutes, if that. The rest of the time, they're here...

Confusion abounds at a Chanel show
Statuesque at Viktor & Rolf
A quick panty-check for Victoria's Angels
Vivienne Westwood
Human Maypole at Steve McQueen
A pensive moment at Bottega Veneta
Beware the Naomi! Girlfriend's got her phone-throwing face on...
Down the rabbit hole at Louis Vuitton
"Oy! 'Ang on a sec there luv, you're wearin two different shoes yous are!"
Looking anxious at Burberry

And Heidi concludes this post. How sad is it about her & Seal? What a shocker that was!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Emmy Rossum For Self Magazine

I've really been enjoying Shameless lately (Season 1 is currently playing Tues nights on Mnet), it's like a ghetto version of Californication, with a crapload of messed up kids, and the delicately-featured Phantom Of The Opera star, Emmy Rossum, makes a return to the spotlight as the female lead. So when I saw some of these super fun spring pics on E! News I just had to track down the editorial to share with y'all! Loving the retro vibes and my wallet is relieved that next spring/summer's trends aren't too much of a departure from what we're currently wearing/buying/lusting after...

I'd love to see Emmy getting more great film roles. With a face like that she could be our generation's Audrey Hepburn

See, we totally have zeeeebras in America too!

Loving Louis Vuitton's colourful twist on the classic LBD!
Adore this look. Want those shorts.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Carpet Rundown

It's awards season again! I always find it so interesting how everyone has such different opinions on all the red carpet dresses. I guess one man's best dressed is another man's 'what were they thinking'! This is a little roundup of my favourites from Sunday night's Golden Globes and last week's Critic's Choice and People's Choice Awards. I have to say I haven't been blown away by loads of amazing fashion so far, in fact while watching the GG's I entertained such thoughts as "Why does Dior always adorn Charlize with massive fabric growths?" and "If I see another damned fishtail or ruffle I think I will scream", but those who did it well, did it very well indeed. A round of applause for...

Mellow yellow was the fashion winner at the Critic's Choice Awards with ingenue Elizabeth Olsen in this adorable embellished Pucci mini and Diane Kruger in a three-toned Prada gown. Love that she accessorized with fuchsia lips and clutch.

People's Choice Awards. Green has been a popular pick for award season thus far & I really liked Vampire Diaries' Nina Dobrev in sheer-sleeved Elie Saab with nude bag and heels. Jennifer Lawrence's cobalt Viktor & Rolf dress was a controversial choice, but personally I loved it!

Still at the PCA's; Pretty Little Liars' Ashley Benson rocked the red carpet in her Alice & Olivia dress. This is the perfect kind of look for a teen show star; classy, fresh and cute. Also in cream was Jennifer Morrison. I'm undecided on the tassles but the rest of this Oscar De La Renta dress is delightful.

On to the Globes...

There were a lot of embellished dresses at the Golden Globes, but the only one I like was Jessica Alba's lavender Gucci. I feel that if you're going to go with lots of blingy detail the design of the dress should be kept really simple *cough Lea Michele cough* . Heidi Klum's Calvin Klein peach sheath with open back and turquoise necklace and ring was just sublime and had the perfect kind of simplicity for an attendee who's neither nominated nor presenting.

I had two favourite dresses out of all three awards shows and this is one of them. Newcomer, British actress Andrea Riseborough (star of Madonna's directional debut W.E), wore this incredibly unique and just all-round amazing dress from Vievienne Westwood Gold Label S/S 2012. Sorry about her Madonna-shaped appendage, was literally impossible to find a decent picture of the dress as Madonna refused to let the poor girl pose alone for any red carpet pics...  The Red Swan- Dianna Agron in Giles Deacon couture. Beautiful laser-cut shapes from head to toe!

And my other candidate for absolute favourite dress was Evan Rachel Wood in black-green Gucci Premiere. The concept of mesh going into sequins going into scales and then feathers could easily have been a disaster, but this is simply exquisite!

What are your thoughts? Plenty more red carpet still to come- roll on the BAFTAs. Grammys & Oscars!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Supers Reunite For Duran Duran


Sometimes I miss the days when music videos were stories; creative, glamourous & perfectly executed. This mini-film one is epic, reminds me why I love Duran Duran & fashion in general. And how funny/awesome is Helena as the drummer?!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Queen's Plate

I love 'going to the races', it's the kind of occasion where you really get to dress up, act fancy, drink before noon, promenade about the grounds saying things like 'delightful', 'spiffing' and 'I'm going to place a trifecta bet on those lovely stallions'. It's also the one occasion where it is impossible to be overdressed; you can go as big as you like. Saturday was the annual L'Ormarins Queen's Plate, the smaller and more prestigious precursor to The Met, where the dress code is always traditional blue and white.

I went with my friend Philippa, a horse race newbie, and we dressed up to the theme of "Timeless Elegance" finished off with little white lace parasols. 

I made a lace-covered bow decoration for my hat, but don't have any proper pics of it.

Phil being Mary Poppins. She's really not too far from taking off into the air, it was insanely windy!

I didn't take as many pics as I would've liked, there were too many things distracting me, like all the delish food (give me a tempura prawn & you'll win me over), free flowing vino, the awesome Elizabeth Arden makeup counter which offered touch-ups all day and loads of free samples and making a few little bets (all of which I lost). I did mange to take a few 'Race-Course Style' pics of ladies who stood out from the rest.

Kerry, from The Little Hattery was one of the judges in the Best Hat comp, but easily could've been a competitor. Loved the vintage-chic bustier and super long skirt.

Inge Wulf wearing Malcom Kluk. Loved her turquoise and beige twist on the theme, and of course, the feathers!

Our lovely new Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam. Not the best lighting on my part, but I loved the white beading on her dress and the flower detail at the bottom.

Possibly my favourite dress; Daisy's blue & white striped number was so cute & different.

Double nominee for Best Dressed & Best Hat, Melody also channeled a bygone era, love the red lips!

Soaking up some sunshine

Monday, January 9, 2012

Grunge Is Dead, Long Live Grunge

A little editorial for your Monday Morning. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend & may I just say, on behalf of Cape Town, I hope you didn't get sunburn/heatstroke! It's a lot cooler today thanks to a little gale-force wind & I'm going to be a busy bee. Will post pics from The Queen's Plate soon, promise!

Nylon Mag, shot on a moody beachfront.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh-oh-oh-oh Oros!

This is what I wore today while running around doing errands.Picked up this tangerine piece at the Jo Borkett sale. I heart that store so much & live for their sales, where they actually have mega reductions on nice stuff as opposed to the "30% off the crap no-one wants" philosophy of most sales in SA...It's also the 1st orange item I've ever owned as the colour simply doesn't work with my skintone, but I figured a skirt would be far enough from my face to get away with it!Charlie's Angels t-shirt from Mango, belt from Mr P & sandals from Shoe HQ. I don't know why the pictures came out so blurry, I think the leaves stole my focus. Still need to figure out how to use my new camera I guess... Having a quiet night in working out the last minute details for my Queen's Plate outfit. Mucho excitement! Will post pics on Mon, have a lovely weekend

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