Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Bite Of The Big Apple

Fashion Week season is always something of a whirlwind. Be it for the designers, the models, fashion editors, photographers or bloggers; it can be kinda tricky to keep up. I'm just going to stick to posting some highlights from the shows that really stood out to me, but even that is hard to summarize. For instance A/W 2012 has already worked it's way through New York, London and Milan and kicked off in Paris today. I'm still looking at the pics from New York... Anyhoo, here are my favourite looks from 6 more NYFW shows I really loved. For fashion week mecca, head over to my source,

Rag & Bone
Warrior woman in figure-hugging silhouettes and leather. Loving the bronze tones of the first look and the striped coats.

Alice + Olivia skipped a catwalk show in favour of exhibiting a collection of what I like to call Moody Dolls. Bright colours, fun prints, hats, belts & monochrome were some of the trends they explored.

Donna Karan
Impeccable tailoring, menswear inspirations and cheeky fedoras showed up on Donna Karan's runway. She stuck with a palette of blacks, greys and charcoals with accents of white, red and olive green. Two of these looks I just had to include as they are worn by our very own Katryn Kruger (2nd pic) and Candice Swanepoel (far right)- local is lekker indeed!

Reem Acra
Sleek, glittering gowns stole the show at Reem Acra. A stream of metallic-clad models paraded down a runway that resembled molten rubies. *Note to Angelina- that is how you work a thigh-high slit...

Lauren & Kate's collection captured a cozy winter feel featuring lots of knits, sheepskin, leather and a fun 70's colour palette.

Badgley Mischka
I loved the BM show so much I had to do two montages! Combos of black and gold really are the way to my heart and the green bead detail on the black dress was just magical. Wasn't keen on the really bad hair day the models were sporting, but maybe they were going for a contrast thing? Models walked against a snowy country lane backdrop. You can see the full collection here

Monday, February 27, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To...

Ah the Oscars, still my favourite TV event of the year! I loved that Billy Crystal wore his host hat once again, thought the opening montage was as brilliant as ever, loved his 'reading people's thoughts' segment and quote of the night "please welcome the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Angelina Jolie!" No award spoilers for those who are only watching on Mnet tonight, but I will say that I was pleased with several, uh, outcomes... Two things that were a little confusing; why was Steve Jobs included in the 'In Memoriam' section (I get that people can use their Macs, iPhones, iPads etc for watching films, but it does seem a little rich considering that actress Farrah Fawcett was excluded last year)? And who did Tom Cruise have to sleep with for them to let him present the Grand Prize winner of Best Picture??

Oh but the dresses! Sometimes the Oscars are a bit of a letdown on the red carpet, but not this year, not one little bit! Here are 12 pictures of some of the looks I loved from last night as well as all the Best Actress nominees (because not all of them fall under the former category...). Big trends this year were metallics, beautiful beading and understated 'glitz' as well as off-the shoulder and draping. Was very glad to see the back of last year's weird middle slits & random fabric growths.

Kicking things off in neutral territory: Presenter Jennifer Lopez looked classy (and for a change, neither overdressed nor underdressed) in Zuhair Murad who may just be my new favourite designer, because seriously, that man can do no wrong. E!'s Giuliana Rancic left the I'm just a reporter trying to blend in at home and dazzled in this Tony Ward creation, very reminiscent of Givenchy S/S 2011.

Supporting actress nominee, Jessica Chastain, broke free from the washed out pastels that have haunted her this season & looked DDG in this black & gold creation which I just knew had to be McQueen the second I saw it! Tina Fey looked wonderfully elegant in this navy Carolina Herrera creation and sported a beautiful updo.

Best actress nominees Rooney Mara and Viola Davis. I though Rooney looked gorgeous in this white Givenchy, a colour which was particularly striking with her black hair and red lips. I liked the bottom half of Viola's Vera Wang, but that's about it...And girl, what did you do to your poor hair & eyebrows?!

Hues of rogue...Best Actress nominee Michelle Williams wore coral Louis Vuitton. I like everything about this except for the ridiculous skirt thing at the waist and the cheap-looking crystal brooch which can't be seen from this angle. That said, I adore last year's winner, Natalie Portman's dress! A red Dior princess frock with polka dots was both unique and adorable & the necklace complemented it perfectly.

A golden duo. My favourite pair of actors just so happened to both be nominated for Hollywood's highest honour (it's things like this that make me happy). And they both wore gold! Well, Meryl wore Lanvin and George wore Stacey Kiebler... Gold was an interesting choice for Miss Streep who usually wears black. It also happens to be the same colour she wore when she won Best Actress for Sophie's Choice- think she was trying to send a message? I have to say I like Stacey Kiebler; she's not afraid to take fashion risks and be more than 'just the date'. This Marchesa rose-detailed dress was just too gorgeous for words and perfect for her figure. As Giuliana said "[George] brought his own statue!".

On the right we have actress Kate Mara (older sister to Rooney) in Jack Guisso. This style of dress was a big trend for the night, but hers was one of my favourites. And *drumroll please* my best of the best- Milla Jovovich! This white, sparkling, beaded Elie Saab gown was pure magic and Milla's hair and makeup completed a look of old-school Hollywood glamour. Absolutely flawless & can you believe this was her first time attending the Oscars? !

Who were your favourites? If you haven't seen the ceremony yet, tune into Mnet tonight at 20:30.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I Love This Outfit

That is all.

Midas Touch

Remember when I said how much I liked Derek Lam's gold-tipped brogues & that'd I'd like to create a pair? Well on Saturday I did just that. Here's a closeup of the original shoes in question:

Rock 'n Roll
Obviously I didn't want to spend too much on this DIY project that could possibly go wrong, so I aimed for buying a pair of plain black mock-leather brogues from Mr Price or Edgars. I finally located a pair at the latter, except that they had cut-out panels; not quite what I had envisioned.

Holey Crap!
Nevertheless, I forged on. I used masking tape to separate the toe area from the rest, then smothered them in paper til they resembled shoe missiles.

Initiating launch sequence! 
Then I sprayed them with "Super Gold" spraypaint.

After carefully peeling off the tape & touching up a few spots I'd missed.

I still wanted something to fill in the holes with, I was thinking black lace, but I didn't have any, nor did I have black paint to use on the white lace I did have. Then I remembered a pair of black-lace panelled heeled booties from cheapy Brit store, Primark. These were honestly the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever put foot in, designed so badly that I couldn't stand in them for even a minute without my feet starting to hurt. I cut out the stiff lace panels and felt no remorse...

I'd wanted to use superglue, but I was flat out & thank goodness for that- ended up having to put my whole hand into the shoe and that would've been a rather sticky situation...I had to leave them to dry for several hours, so I stuffed the shoes with newspaper (inside a plastic bag so bits of paper wouldn't get stuck) and put a can of paint on top to add some pressure.

The drying arrangements
And so the next day, voila, a pair of gold-tipped brogues with black lace cut-out detail. Still need to apply a coat of lacquer before I wear them to prevent scuffing, I'd forgotten to buy because I thought I had at home.

Eat your heart out Derek Lam!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hedonist In The Jungle

It's Editorial Monday! I'm loving this Alexander Neumann shoot of Dutch-American model, Cato Van Ee, for L'Official March 2012. Tropical trees, prints, bursts of colour, snakes, parrots and neon. Having already expressed my love for dip-dyed hair here, I'm glad to see this trend is still going strong. I am a little bleak that I can't partake, but I'll stick to wearing my turquoise & violet feather hair pieces for now...

^ My absolute favourite!

Source: Fashion Gone Rouge

Friday, February 17, 2012

Burn Baby Burn

So last night, while in The Land Of Nod, I dreamt that our house was in danger of going up in flames. The house (which looked nothing like it does in real life) was situated in a foresty valley & there was a raging fire in the distance, so everyone had to evacuate. After collecting up my memory box, a selection of photo albums & home video tapes, we made our way to a sort-of holding area. My old pet rabbit, Flopsy, was still alive in this dream & we'd packed her into a tiny lunchbox cooler thing with just her nose poking out.

I ended up having to run back to the house because we'd forgotten the dog (oops!). The whole fire-fighting team had set up camp in the house & had clearly rifled through our stuff... One female fire-fighter kept trying to offer me Brutal Fruits and something from her stash of pain meds & tranquilizers which she'd spread out on our dining room table (I really need to stop eating cheese before bed). Unperturbed by this, I found Roxy the dog and then decided to head to my bedroom with a duffel bag to rescue some clothes.I think the dream sort of faded out at this point, but it did get me thinking, if I did have to evacuate my house and had a little bit of time to get stuff together, what would I take? It wouldn't necessarily be the most expensive stuff, or the things I wear the most often, but rather the stuff I like a lot that would be really difficult to replace. Here are some of my most precious...

I adore this slouchy cropped jersey, it's unbelievably versatile. Took me a lot of searching to find the perfect denim shirt, so I'd definitely want to rescue it from a fire. And of course, we all know how much I love my leopard print 

I think I probably have more cocktail dresses than I have events to wear them to, it's a little bit of an obsession. I love this black shift with ribbon detailing from Rare at New Look and the drapey grey Miss Selfridge number is an old favourite- it looks kinda dull on the hanger, but has an awesome fit.

Had to make this pic a little darker to capture the detailing on the skirt. I'm a big fan of leggings, and while the plain black kind is easily replaceable, I searched far and wide to find this velvet pair from Woolies & I wear them all the time. Chanel/Jackie O vibes in this Primark dress- one of those 'looks expensive but is actually really cheap' kinds. Patterned cream high-waisted skirt from Twist.

Wintery vibes: I've had this button-down coat from YDE for yonks. It's warm and I love the shape. A good coat is hard to find... Got this aviator-inspired jacket last year when that trend was huge. It's super warm and great for a dressed down winter look.

Some accessories. Loving my new striped wedges, they oh-so-60's! Slouchy black wedge boots from Meltz and my oldest pair of shoes, bought during my high school French exchange in '05; leather courts covered in red tweed fabric. Woven leather belts are my favourite kind and I also love this plain white waist belt from Mr Price. On the jewelry front I'd save my special pieces, like my great-great-great grandmother's turquoise & diamonds ring & my snake ring, ag who am I kindding- I'd take my whole damn jewelry box!

What would you rescue??

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pick 'N Mix

To be honest I'm a little tired of posting about awards season now. Everything's kind of winding down in anticipation of The Big One & I just know Hollywood is holding out on us with the spectacular gowns until Oscar Night next week (at least I hope that's what it is). But in appreciation of the efforts made by certain stars around the world last week I thought I'd post these last few red carpet stunners.

Taylor Swift usually looks pretty good, but I've never seen her look this great! She wore this utterly exquisite Zuraid Murad gown to the Grammy's on Sunday night. I actually thought this dress was a Versace when I first saw it, think it was the hem...Full marks Taylor, here you go, have two Grammys!

"Sorry Beyonce, but Taylor had the best Grammy outfit of all time, of all time!"

Moving across to the Continent, Diane Kruger proved once again why she is a deserving darling of the Hollywood fashion scene with the old school glamour of this beautiful Giambattista Valli gown at the premiere of her new film Farewell, My Queen at the Berlin Film Festival.

This is the kind of dress I'd normally hate, but for some reason, I think I kind of love it. Christina Ricci somehow manages to make this gold Givenchy glam rather than gaudy at the BAFTAs in London, though I do think this dress would be more appropriate at the Grammys.

I'm not often a fan of what Kelly Osbourne wears, or do I usually agree with her opinions on E!'s Fashion Police, but I really really liked this Grammytastic Guiseppe Zanotti dress which somehow complemented her lilac hair.

Why hello there Meryl! Is that a cleavage we see?! I have to give my most admired actress an honourable mention purely for stepping up her game. She left her housecoat and bustle at home for a change and stepped out at the BAFTAs in this less-than-conservative Vivienne Westwood dress with classy gold hoops.

Props to Julianne Hough. It must be exhausting being Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend, but she managed to retain her fashion sense in this Kaufman Franco dress. To me this is a perfect music awards dress as it pushes the envelope, but without crossing over into whore-y territory.

Monday, February 13, 2012

NYFW A/W 2012 Part 1

It's Fashion Week in New York! Well technically it's Fashion "Week and a Half" but lets not split hairs... I can't say I'm a big fan of Winter itself (cold weather, icy winds, pale skin & an assortment of nasty germs doing the rounds) but I do love winter fashion. It's just a pity it never quite gets cold enough here to properly indulge. I want to be able to wear my long leather gloves, mock suede thigh-high boots, faux fur gilet, fluffy alpine-print hat hood thing & 'yeti coat' without being a tad overdressed. Would just one week of snow & temperatures slightly below zero be that bad?

Below is a round-up of some of my favourite NYFW shows so far. I'll post a few more later on.
Trends so far: Lots of black and white, leather, ladylike silhouettes and knee-length hemlines, prints, flowy dresses and plenty of fur, some faux & others not so faux (side note- I will never post an outfit containing real fur on this blog). The big colour of the season is without a doubt, red! This bold shade cropped up in most of the collections and was a main feature in some.

Undone Chic on Jill Stuart's runway. I especially love the collared dress with subtle black lace paneling.

Derek Lam went for power-dressing with loads of tasteful leather and plenty of black. I'm seriously coveting those gold-tipped brogues, think I might try & DIY a pair...

Monique Lhuillier- one of my favourite collections so far. Monique was one of the designers who used red as her main colour although that amazing grey dress is by far my favourite. Think we'll see that gorgeous form-fitting red gown showing up on the Oscar's carpet?

Rachel Zoe: Although this was the uber-stylist's 3rd fashion collection, it was her very first runway show. Very chic, very New York and very wearable, Rachel's signature style was evident; sharp looks with lots of black, lots of faux fur, hats and extra skinny models...

Charlotte Ronson: Sister of DJ & producer Mark and DJ & former Lohan lover Samantha, Charlotte has been making a name for herself in fashion with her preppy Upper East Side aesthetic.

Diane Von Furstenberg: La Grande Dame of prints, Diane also went for black, white and red. Love the funky hand-print dress with two-tone gloves as well as the black and white swirls of the last dress. The keyhole bag with the red dress is so cute!

Grammy Awards fashion coming up soon!

Source: Women's Wear Daily

Friday, February 10, 2012

Outfit Du Jour- A Touch of Africa

Burnout T-shirt: Lee Cooper at Meltz, Long Black Skirt: Truworths (about a million years ago), Mustard Sandals: Shoe HQ, Brown Leather Cuff: My brother's & Leopard Shawl worn as scarf: Me Jane

Wore this for shopping & errands yesterday.I'm wearing my "cheat's bun"- basically I pull my hair into a high pony, fold it in half & then clip it down. Looks much better that way because my hair's not thick enough to make a real bun that's much bigger than a frikkadel...

PS: Just discovered this local street style blog- loving it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


What a terrible loss to the film & fashion industries! Cape Town stalwart, Annie's Wardrobe, formally a large warehouse of vintage and costumey awesomeness filled to the ceilings with amazing clothing and accessories, went up in flames on Thursday night in two separate fires. After subduing the 1st fire, a 2nd blaze broke out as owner Annie Seegers was rushing to the scene, destroying what remained of the fairytale closet. The cause of the fire has not yet been revealed. Here are some pics as well as Karlien Seegers' plea via Life Is Savage

Annie's in its former glory (Source)

And after the inferno...

So sad...

Hi Guys
Our hearts are broken…
some how , some way we will rise above this black cloud of smoke…
Our hearts are most sad about the irreplaceable and timeless pieces, as well as a lot of Annie’s personal collections all through her life and ours. I played dress-up in my mothers clothes like most other girls…that is no more.
We will however not lie down and do our utmost best to create a new Annie’s which will hopefully bring joy and smiles to our dearest supporters and loyal customers as well as the industry.
It is a BIG loss.
We thank you all for the loyal support received from everyone over the course of Annies life.
We will rise again!
Much love,
Karlien & Annie

Thoughts going out to the Seegers family.

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