Monday, April 23, 2012

A Galliano In Paris

John Galliano's runway show at Paris Fashion Week A/W 2012 was supremely elegant, featuring strong deep colours, chic tailoring and lots of classic femininity with modest dresses, leather gloves, over-the-knee stockings and beautiful feathered hats. Despite being at the epicentre of last year's biggest fashion scandal, Paris's enfant terrible is clearly well on the road to redemption, at least on the runway.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Off The Rails: Second Time Around

Welcome to a new feature on Glitter & Garbage; Off The Rails, where each week I'll be focusing on a local boutique, label or fashion range that has caught my eye.

Last week, while wearing my Stylist's Hat, I spent some time browsing in Second Time Around  & couldn't help but notice how adorable it was looking after a recent extreme makeover in March. They also have a new website. This vintage store on Long Street is home to a treasure trove of classic pieces and other goodies and the quirky & thoughtful decor makes you feel as though you could be browsing through the walk-in closets of your rich & incredibly chic French grandmother who generously lets you borrow her designer clothes & happens to be the same shoe size as you (this is of course my fantasy grandmother- although my real one is lovely, she just gives me fresh herbs, not clothes). Don't believe me? Well have a look at these pics!

Looking in from the entrance

Colourful rails of clothes, shoes & knick-knacks
A quirky display of ties outside the dressing rooms

Their drawers runneth over

Some retro decor

Monday, April 16, 2012

These Boots Were Made For Walking

I have made my 1st winter purchases! I'm trying to be as frugal as possible, but really, winter weather without new boots is like tequila without lemon; you are simply not adequately prepared for the bite. I'm already in love with the black, sheepskin-lined ankle booties from Shoe Emporium in Cavendish & the super comfy stone-coloured combat boots from Zoot, Canal Walk. Would you believe me if I told you that I spent less than R500 for them both? Probably not, but I did *happy bargain dance*.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skyscrapers & Summer Shorts

What I wore today while running around the city centre doing a bunch of errands. I gave myself a pat on the back for managing to dress appropriately to the weather for a change- today was a scorcher! Yet I still spotted people in jerseys, cardigans, stockings and even calf-length boots! Baffling...

I'm loving these oxblood-coloured military shorts; I snapped them up at Jay Jays for 50% off! They've got loads of other colours including a lovely deep maroon. I'm going to wear them through winter with black stockings & boots.Tie-front t-shirt from Jo Borkett, shoes from Shoe HQ & necklace from Miss Selfridge.

I love this bag, a friend gave it me for my birthday. I call it my carpet bag & it's the perfect size for when I need to lug around my little laptop plus things that are in plastic sleeves without getting them crumpled!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paradise Villa

There's a distinct chill in the air of late. I can no longer deny the fact the winter is starting to rear its frosty head. I have dragged the heater into my bedroom. My acceptance is thus complete.

This will be the last summery editorial I share with you for a few months, but the colours were just too gorgeous to resist. Flare Magazine's editorials are usually wonderfully colourful, like this one I posted last year. This is March 2012, starring the unfairly beautiful Bruna Tenorio.

Hope everyone had a great Easter/holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Extreme Makeover Mall Edition

I grew up in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. First in Lakeside, then Kirstenhof & then Tokai. I'm still stuck in the latter...My childhood shopping centre, a place I visited at least once a week, was the rather humble Blue Route Mall. Built in the 70's, it was a single-storey structure with a domed, corrugated blue roof that sort of looked like it was made out of plastic and ugly grey floor tiles interspersed with ugly pink and blue tiles.

Despite being a Citi Golf of the mall world, the now-demolished half and soon-to-be-demolished other half hold many fond memories. Saturday-moring shopping with my parents & little brother, nagging my mom for a 'Lucky Packet" from the sweetie shop at Entrance 1, cheap plastic Barbies from Shoprite, the garden centre in the hardware store down the awesome foliage-covered ramp, making my Christmas wishlist in the aisles of Reggies & planning my sprint & grab route in case I ever won KTV's Reggies Rush (for those non-South Africans, it was a competition where a child could win 30 seconds to grab as much as they could from the toy store!), riding the trolley down the ramp from Hyperama to the underground parking, that time the black mamba escaped during the snake show & the whole mall was put on lockdown, the pair of mannequin legs & diving board that used to dangle from the ceiling of the cinema, doing colouring-ins during dinner at Spur or St Elmo's. the excitement when Woolworths arrived, my parents first gym membership in the short-lived gym that would later become the 2nd floor of Woolies, semi-unsupervised shopping trips with my girlfriends in grade 6 (weren't we cool?!), trying our luck on scratchcards from the Community Chest man, buying Archie comics from CNA, Christmas displays and the mall Santas & talent shows and competitions on a set-up stage. I even performed there once; in grade 5 my drama group presented a 20 minute play on water conservation for Water Week. I starred as "Water Woman!"- like Wonder Woman but without the sexy costume.

Old Blue Route. Miami Vice vibes...

So it was a slightly surreal experience to step into the brand new mall after 2+ years of construction. It has a cool space-age design and 120 new shops. Highlights include a La Senza, Aldo, Accessorize, DisChem (I do love my massive pharmacy/cosmetic stores!), Jay Jays, Mr Price Sport (a Southern Suburbs 1st), Forever New and my absolute favourite store for super cheap, yet surprisingly good quality makeup- Ralo. Also a Southern Suburbs 1st; their own brand nail polishes and eye-shadow palettes are really seriously great & all under R30!!! There's also a brand new Ster Kinekor complex, which for some reason I have yet to see, must be hiding in a corner somewhere... I picked up some awesome shorts from Jay Jays at their special opening offer of 50% off dresses, shorts & tank tops, score! I also snapped up a great accessory from Forever New & went a little crazy inside Ralo. Also worth a mention was the delicious lunch we had at the Woolworths cafe. My friend had an awesome brie, watercress & onion marmalade sandwich & I tried one of their 3 Welsh Rarebits (little known fact- it actually is pronounced like 'rabbit') with mature cheddar & mushroom- Out. Of. This. World.

Here's a few piccies plus what I wore on the dreary, rainy Friday that was just perfect weather for shopping! So next time you're in the Deep South, go check it out!

Shiny new Woolies!


Space Pod Vibes

If I were rich, I'd buy this entire store!

Moi in front of a digital image of the new exterior, which is pretty accurate except for a bunch of cranes & dust

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