Friday, October 26, 2012

What The Frock?

The Alexander McQueen S/S 2013 showing at Paris Fashion week featured some fantastical dresses that I thought I'd share. Wearable sculptures that wouldn't have been out of place in Alice In Wonderland (The Tim Burton version). Sarah Burton (no relation to ol' Timmy) has been doing a wonderful job of keeping the spirit of Alexander McQueen alive with the ethos to expect the unexpected. Every model wore a hat over their face, presumably for protection from the bees the bright and flowery dresses would attract.

Queen of Hearts

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Stylish People of Vintage Wednesdays

I have a new laptop! I'm back in business- wheeeeeeeeee! If you've heard any of my laments about my two former computers- The Craptop and The Broken-Screened Pink Midget Laptop, you'd know how stoked I am about this.

I am also rather stoked that my 2nd Vintage Wednesdays event went off beautifully and when I wasn't flitting about with the sort of anxiety I'm prone to, I managed to snap some pics of the folk who really dressed to the occasion. For more pics of the actual event you can check out the Facebook page here

Loving the 1940's styling on the right!
Left: Tania & MJ, traders at For Old Time's Sake
And one for the boys! Guy on the right was a little camera-shy, but I loved his outfit!

See you at the next one? Stay tuned for updates on the Facebook page!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Vintage Wednesdays

I am still sadly without decent internet at home- working with a dongle & mini laptop with cracked screen combo, so not really ideal for blogging, but I am hopefully getting a new laptop this week and normal activity should resume shortly, yay! If you are in the region of the Cape Town CBD, come and check out my little vintage night market taking place this Wednesday at Truth Coffecult in Buitenkant Street. It's a fantastic space, I blogged about the party The Little Hattery did there here, plus they'll be serving craft beer on tap! And if you come dressed to the theme I may just snap a pic of you and post it up here ;) Official FB stuffs here & here

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