Thursday, November 29, 2012

G&G On Le Facebook

Wheeeeeee! Get your fashion trash on facebook bitchez!

I've just created a Facebook page for this here blog- will be posting bite-sized chunks of fashionspiration and other little bits and pieces that wouldn't usually warrant a whole blog post- do stop by and take a look! I'm also working on some fun accessories to start selling in the new year, so will keep you posted on that. Also, if you live in Cape Town and enjoy vintage fashion and markets, be sure to check out my other venture, Vintage Wednesdays. Find the Glitter & Garbage page here & Vintage Wednesdays here.

Right, self-pimping done, I'm off to go eat some biscuits. Over & out.

Pretty Little Misfits

Alice + Olivia's S/S2013 was a veritable smorgasbord of everything that's "so hot right now". Bold colour, prints, pastels, peplum, tropical, cut-out, 60's shifts and 50's flare skirts all styled against a fun, retro backdrop. Some of my faves from the collection below.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Show Some Loafer Love

Pumps are played out, brogues have become boring, moccasins had their moment and boots are bundled away til next winter. Aside from the summer sandal or the sporty sneaker, choices for flat footwear seem suddenly limited. Enter the humble loafer. Hardly a newcomer to the shoe scene, but these are not your grandmother’s loafers…

Versatile in its ability to transition the seasons (think neons, canvas, pastels and tropical prints for summer and velvet, jewel tones, studs and spikes for winter), the little loafer is the kind of shoe that can be dressed up or down with the bonus of being very comfortable. Plus, their popularity with the boys lends them an air of androgyny- perfect to juxtapose with a playful skirt or lacy shorts.

I loved making this collage and have completely fallen for the cat face pair (by Jon Josef). So much so that I'm going to buy a plain black pair and DIY my own version with some scissors and a gold pen. Will let you know how it turns out! 

Locally, Mr Price has some great embellished & patterned loafers, Edgars has patent ones in bright colours & Woolworth has some lovely canvas pairs.
*UPDATE* Babette Clothing is selling these lovely Jelly Loafers for R250. They'll also be trading at my next Vintage Wednesdays night market this Wed 28th, so be sure to stop by!

As you can see, my current collection is very small, just two pairs. The gold studded pair are from London and I searched high and low for them after spotting a girl wearing a sold-out Topshop pair on the tube. Just as I was beginning to think I'd only ever find the kind with silver studs, I struck gold at one of those Middle Eastern-run fashion stores on the dodgy bit of Oxford St. The silver glitter pair is from Mr Price (currently in-store) and are almost identical to a Jimmy Choo pair, coz let's face it, who needs 4-figure price tags in this day & age anyway?!
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