Monday, March 11, 2013

Deserted Circus

In an arid desert where gypsy meets nomad, a derelict circus stands like something from the narrative of a twisted novel. Captured between the pages of Vogue Australia, the lovely Liu Wen poses in the half-light and the clown plays to a solemn mountain audience.

(March 2013 edition)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

La Dolce Vita

Dolce & Gabbana were never really big on my fashion radar but their past three seasons have changed everything. I am so in love with what this Italian duo has been doing of late; it is as though they have reached into the wildest corners of my imaginations and pulled out my most delightful fashion fantasies, and then some! As I tentatively begin to work on my own accessories range, visions of ornate baroque, gypsy luxe and Renaissance royalty are my primary inspiration.

Autumn/Winter 2012

This was the collection that started it all. When I first saw the images of an army of models striding down the runway dressed in my all-time favourite colour combination with lashings of black lace I sat up and took notice.And just like that the extravagant, decadent Baroque trend was born which finally reaches us in South Africa this winter and is still very much evident in the latest A/W 2013 collections.

Some highlights from the show

In addition to the prevalence of black, white and gold, brighter hues, florals, tropical icons and picturesque prints hinted at what was to come the following season...

Spring/Summer 2013

The spring/summer collection was a carnival of colour filled with wild colonial prints, seaside stripes, Roman watercolour fabrics and over-sized gypsy accessories- even the humble burlap bag received a high-fashion makeover!

The Reds are coming!

Autumn/Winter 2013
D&G's latest offering at Milan fashion week last Sunday was decidedly royalist and even more opulent than last year's winter collection. Ruby red was the new hero colour, but the real stars of the show were the printed dresses, skirts and tops that went on an artistic journey from medieval paintings and mosaics through to the Renaissance with heavy crucifix earrings and motifs adorning the different looks. There was still plenty of lace and beading to add to the luxury and sleek pulled-back hair and dark red lips gave the models classic elegance. 


Jeweled wedges, whimsical cage heels, tapestry, touchings of Marie Antoinette, dazzling earrings and a collection of crowns were just a few of the amazing "wearable art" accessories Dolce & Gabbana have been dishing out. 

Now, where do you think I can find myself a crown in Cape Town?

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