Thursday, August 15, 2013

Local Runway Trends For Summer

After soaking up the summery inspiration at Fashion Week, I made a trend map of some of the trends our local designers are embracing for our upcoming summer. Which ones are you looking forward to?

Black & White. As seen at...

Also known as monochrome, this trend was crazy big both on the runway and off. From stripes and prints to wild patterns, geometric shapes or simple, plain pieces it looks like anything goes this spring/summer! A fun way to make this look your own is by adding a brightly-coloured accessory; try a statement necklace, a chunky cuff or an over-sized clutch bag.

Sheer. As seen at...

Embrace all things floaty and feminine with this barely there trend. Go all out sheer with a see-through blouse or look for translucent details on sleeves, hems or in panels. But when taking this trend from runway to reality, don't forget your bra!

Statement Neckpieces. As seen at...

I'm loving all things big, bold and beautiful right now! It's a way to add instant drama to a simple sihoulette and update any classic LBD to something that really makes a splash. I'm even dabbling in creating my own neckpieces- watch this space...

It's no holds barred on summer prints- the bright the colour and the crazier the print the better! From animal to Aztec, tribal to tropical, graphic to geometric there's something for even the most diehard conservative dresser. Dip your toes in these swirling waters by investing in a printed jacket, trousers or shorts or go all out and clash your patterns.

Leather. As seen at...

Personally I love leather. Real is obviously preferable but faux can look just as good. Invest in real leather when it comes to your wardrobe basics; things like a classic jacket, leggings or riding boots, but for more trendy items like a leather shirt (as seen at Thula Sindi in Tuesday's post), shorts, circle skirt or peak cap don't fork out a fortune when you've found a great faux option. And yes you can totally wear leather for summer, in any shade imaginable, but perhaps skip it on the more sweltering days.

Maxi Lengths. As seen at...

Floor-sweeping skirts and dresses always bring a certain glamour to everyday wear. Whether a skirt or a dress, pick something flowy and pile on the bangles

Metallic. As seen at...

All that glitters is not gold, sometimes it' silver. Metallic pieces are great for warm summer nights and can even be incorporated into casual wear. Bling it on!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MBFWCT Highlights Part 2 of 2

Looking through all the runway photos from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town I definitely had some "damn I wish I'd been there" moments. The David Tlale show in particular gave me a bad case of FOMO, not because I'm particularly enamoured with Men's Wear but because of the spectacle of it all.
Sometimes clothes can look very different in photos to the way they do in "person", often this counts in their favour, but just as often against it. Out of the shows which I did not get to see, these three stood out as favourites.

Cheryl Arthur

Sheer fabric, lace panels and flowing patterned skirts opened the show and soon gave way to the most beautiful digital prints. Satiny T-shirt dresses and the simple silhouettes let the images really shine; romantic watercolour softness, flowers, birds and Renaissance-style painting prints formed a procession down the runway as the TV screens transformed into stained glass windows. Will Cheryl be SA's answer to Mary Katrantzou?

Ruald Rheeder

It's a tricky thing to do both Men's Wear and Women's Wear in the same show and nail them both, but that is exactly what Ruald Rheeder appears to have achieved. Personally I'm not very clued up on Men's Wear trends- I prefer a classic look on a guy and anytime I see a man experimenting with fashion I automatically assume he's gay (or maybe Italian). The exception to this are male hipsters, but they are hardly the target market for male high fashion as the tend to be more haute de thrift shop than haute couture. All that aside I do think Rheeder turned out some great, fun fashion for the boys with nautical inspiration, printed blazers, velvet blazers, trousers in primary colours, cheeky shorts and stripes galore (and mercifully, not all in black and white). These was a definite cohesion between the men's and the ladies looks with stripes, florals and the headline colour blue featuring strongly. I particulary like the way he styled the looks with some fun contrasts- a striped top with floral trousers, a grungy checked shirt with a prim peplum, a sheer Mediterranean-style top under navy sequin shorts or a dark denim jacket belted over a pottery print tea-dress.

Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk definitely veered towards the avant garde more than anyone else did and I loved it! The modest-sized collection was a Harlequin feast of black, white and red featuring stripes, bow belts, baul bauls, gravity-defying hats, tulle poufiness, a shorts sleeved black velvet cloak, ribboned pumps, a laundry basket skirt and a cape made out of deflated balloons. Not quite "ready to wear", but I kind of want a Shakespeare collar now, don't you?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Off The Runway

Here are a few Style Snaps from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town. I would have loved to have taken more but it can be quite tricky between the rush from show to show- the best street style photographers were the ones who sacrificed viewing the shows to capture the guests on camera.

Trends that I spotted were: Black and white (it's everywhere, there's no escaping now!), hats (especially beanies), oversized clutch bags, prints and patterns as well as some bold pattern clashing (only for the brave!)

What They Wore...

The hat parade- Barbara of Babette Clothing and actress/director Megan Young

Double Trouble- the ladies of A Fashion Friend on the left plus 2 quirky girs

These ladies rocked the high-waisted shorts and jacket over the shoulders trend. The women on the right stood out with their funky trousers and matching wide-brim hats

 A retro silhouette on the left + cute leather shorts & maroon corduroy jacket on the right

These two ladies rocked bright prints. I also loved the briefcase sling bag!

What I Wore...
Pic from Spree and a selfie of my earrings

 Day 1: I was just attending the one show (Habits) on Thurs eve so I thought I'd play it safe, ease into Fashion Week so to speak. Rule #1- NEVER play it safe at Fashion Week, it's one of those rare chances to go all out; you can wear absolutely ANYTHING, have fun with it! Lesson learned. Anyway, I thought I'd go with a black and white combo because I was currently loving black and white. Emphasis on the was; for those 3 days I had black & white coming out the ying yang, both on the runway and off! I haven't seen a trend this forceful since studs came back in last year and I think I need some time to recover. My checkered top felt quite retro to me so I thought I'd play with a 60's vibe by adding a high-waisted pencil skirt, high-heeled pewter Mary Janes & my plastic heart-shaped earrings. I tried to break up all monochrome with a cobalt clutch.

Top: H&M, Skirt: French Connection, Jacket: City Bowl Market, Shoes: Zoom, Earrings: somewhere in France, Bag: borrowed from my fairy godmother

Pic from Cinder And Skylark

Day 2: This outfit was definitely the most "me" as it includes some of the things I love the most, namely the combo of black and gold, velvet, leather and capes (well sort of). This whole trend of wearing your jacket over your shoulders may look pretty cool (from the front, from the back it looks a bit silly), but let me tell you it is not very practical! Unless you're cool with not lifting your arms or have an friend/assistant to take your photos for you, reach for things, redress you when your jacket is falling off etc etc (thanks Kim!) But fear not, the more authentic and definitely more practical cousin of the jacket on shoulders, the cape (and/or cloak) will be big news next winter, trust me.

Top: vintage, Jacket: Woolworths, Skirt: New Look, Bag: Don't remember, Necklace: Jo Borkett, Shoes: Mr Price

Day 3: This was the outfit I loved wearing the most and ironically, the only one I don't have a good quality pic of! When my granny first asked me if I'd like this long tartan skirt I did not even even hestitate- what a fabulous, dramatic piece of fashion! I also like the history behind it; my gran is half Scottish on the maternal side, her late brother was even a championship bagpipe player in South Africa back in the 1930's. This was also my most economical as the skirt was basically free (I just had to fork out to get the waistline altered) and the Woolworths button-down shirt was a thrift shop find that cost R7! Because you wouldn't be able to see my shoes & I needed height to prevent the skirt from dragging on the ground, I wore the same wedge boots from Day 2 (shh don't tell!).

Skirt: vintage, Shirt: Helpende Hand Charity Shop, Bag: Aldo

Monday, August 12, 2013

MBFWCT Highlights Part 1 of 2

I'm so used to writing these runway posts about the catwalks of NYC/London/Milan/Paris it's a real treat to be able to do so about our very own designers (see previous post for a little background). We are just brimming with talent here at the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere and even though the structure of the fashion industry is such that the trends are set nearly a year ahead of us (those pesky opposite seasons!) it doesn't mean that we can't  interpret them in our own unique way and add our African flavour and ingenuity to the clothes we create and wear. I've divided this post into 2 parts- 1st up today; my favourites out of the shows I experienced live & later on this week; my favourites out of those I now WISH I'd watched!

Over the 3 days I attended the following shows (in order of appearance)

Michelle Ludik/Leigh Schubert
Dax Martin
Stefania Morland
Morphe/Loin Cloth & Ashes
Thula Sindi
Craig Port

I am constantly reminded at how subjective fashion is-  some shows that I felt were a bit "eh" were the same one others were raving about on Twitter et al. To each their own. My 3 favourite collections were...


Jenny Le Roux is a stalwart on the SA fashion scene and her S/S collection did not disappoint. Beautiful clothing presented with dramatic flare and a vibey soundtrack completed the experience. The show kicked off with a dark and stormy feel as models dressed head to toe in black strode down the runway to Florence + The Machine's Seven Devils. Soft, floaty fabrics, sheer overlays, dots, lace and lots of bow details (on the shoes, in the hair and on the clothing) took centre stage.

Suddenly, the sombre mood shifted and cool, crisps whites strutted out on models shod with jaunty white tennis shoes and wearing thick red-rimmed frames. A collection of black and white looks ended the monochrome portion of the show with a beautiful black and white skirt/top combo with stripe detail stealing the lime light. Chunky bead necklaces protected the model's modesty while a lopsided white turban covered one eye.

The 2nd half of the show brought the fun with casual loose cotton dresses in candy colours followed by a series of beautiful maxi dresses bedecked with pretty poppies set to an upbeat retro soundtrack including Summertime and Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog. Perfect for cocktails on the Camps Bay strip or a beach wedding. Clearly a crowd favourite too, head designer Jenny received a standing ovation- the only one I witnessed at the shows!

Stefania Morland

Stefania Morland's collection was simply sublime and brought some real ladylike glamour with satiny fabrics, lace, sheer panelling and shots of bright, cobalt blue (a clear front runner for this summer) as well as tangerine, yellow-gold and the MBFWCT hero, the ever-present combo of black and white. An abundance of lace was offset by the interesting neckpieces and corsage-like belts. Haunting accoustic melodies lulled the audience into an almost dreamlike state and I exited the hall feeling a little dazed, in the best way!

Thula Sindi
This was my favourite show overall. Starting out with black and white including a fun, abstract animal print that found its way onto several pieces, before moving on to lemon yellow, Cinderella blue and a variety of shades of denim with lace, lace and more lace featuring in tops, appliqued onto skirts, dresses, hems in ornate patterns and also onto the cheeky peak caps sported by the models. Leather too had its moment, my favourite being the leather shirt pictured in the first montage below and leopard print detail adorned many of the garments. Denim also had a chance to shine; when it wasn't dipped in lace it was standing out with an ombre wash!

All photos are from SDR Photo because I am crap at taking runway photos!

Fashion Week

How lovely it is to escape into fashion for a few days, 
better than a holiday with sights just as pretty!

This weekend was a beautiful whirlwind of fashion also known as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town, or more conveniently, by its acronym MBFWCT. 

In 2011 I'd just dipped my toe in these waters, I was VERY excited to be attending one of the shows, thanks to a generous designer who was unfazed by the relatively unknown status of my blog. It was all very exciting, even with all the "what to wear?" stress. In hindsight, my outfit was far too tame. If there's one thing I've learnt over the past year it's this; if fashion's not fun, you're doing it wrong!

So last Tuesday, just 2 days before the schedule really kicked off, I'd obtained tickets to just two of the shows and was hoping I'd be able to see at least one more. Fate has a funny way of intervening, and when all was said and done, I saw nine shows (totalling 12 designers' collections) and spent most of my Friday and Saturday in the surprisingly warm cocoon of fabulousness at the CTICC. The aching feet, the last minute wardrobe crisis, the dash to the tailors to have my skirt altered, the lugging around of a heavy, cumbersome camera, the endless fumbling around with said camera's settings (trying not to look like the total photography amateur that I am) the 50 yard dash from the parking lot to make it in time for a show- it was all totally worth it! It was great catching up with some awesome people I hadn't seen in a while as well as meeting plenty of new faces and inspiration flooded every corner, both on and off the runway. 

 Stay tuned for the rest of this week while I bring you pics from my favourite shows, a trend report, street style, what I wore, my MBFWCT Lust List and more! Did you attend? Who were your favourites?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Black Leather Gloves

Winter in Cape Town has been such a tease this year. Yes Summer is my homegirl, but I just want a few weeks to actually wear proper winter fashion! Looks like it may finally be rearing its chilly head though. 

Today I had to walk somewhere in the rain. Living in SA and owning a car this is not something I have often done since I left university. Usually I'll only walk somewhere out of choice because it's a nice day and I could use the exercise. Yes, yes I know, how very middle class of me! Anyway, it was cold and raining so I just pretended I was in London, but best of all, I had an occasion to wear my elbow-length black leather gloves!

Black leather gloves get a bad rep in TV & film as they are often the accessory of choice for serial killers and other baddies. They also love using ominous shots of said gloves doing BAD THINGS while hiding the identity of the villain from the viewer "Ooh I wonder who's hands are inside those gloves! What? Marlena?? NO WAY!"

But in fashion, they are tres tres chic! Sometimes I keep them in my car to wear on chilly evenings and I pretend I'm a Hitchcock heroine while I dramatically turn the steering wheel round corners. I had searched for ages for a long black pair a few years back. I found some at Country Road but they were a little out of my budget. Eventually I discovered these at AllSaints in the UK at 50% off, score! AllSaints is one of those stores were I would buy all the stuff if I had all the money. If you're ever in Londontown & feel like splurging, give them a visit!

I'm also wearing my town & country-style jacket from Zara & a mustard scarf from, er, Savanna (yes the cider) .

*TIP* If you're going to be wearing long gloves with a jacket like me, put the gloves on before the jacket!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Vintage Market Style

Each month when I host my vintage market I can't help but admire all the uniquely stylish shoppers. Sometimes I'll spot one out of the corner of my eye and rush to intercept them, jumping in front of them like some kind of small, deranged paparazzo asking to photograph their outfit. Most are very obliging, some are shy but all get fashion props for effortless casual style. The full "Style Snapshots" album can be viewed on The Vintage Experience Facebook page, but I thought I'd share a few of my all-time favourites here. 

And one of me...

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