Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fedisa Men's Wear Challenge

Last week I spent lunch time in the sunshine on FEDISA's beautiful rooftop deck surrounded by a 360 degree view of the bustling city centre to view the Men's Wear creations of FEDISA's talented fashion design students.

I can't say I'm one for following Men's Wear trends, I tend to just like stuff that "looks nice" as opposed to actually knowing what is "sooo this season" for le lads. The challenge was hosted by Markhams and students had to create a range for one of 4 themes; Jungle, Tribal, Nautical or Bleached Beach. I was blown away by the level of creativity, innate sense of style and skill as well as some impressive craftsmanship. Below are some pics from my favourite collections.

Neo-Nautical- These looks are more rugged adventurer takes to the high seas than cheesy sailor or prepping rich boy goes yachting and I love the fresh take on what has become a rather cliche trend. Shades of brown and blue with denim, leather detail and strong, masculine lines were all a winner for me.

More denim paired with navy and shades of beige and caramel. LOVE the cape as well as the colourblock shirt- who knew pastels could look so manly!

Ok so I may just have a "type"- all 3 of my favourite collections had a rather similar aesthetic but that jacket with the anchor cutouts stole my heart- simply sublime!

These are a few stand-out looks from the other collections. From left- smart jungle prints for a classy yet bold look, a checkered Louis Vuitton-esque gilet was a great contrast for the army green shorts with printed hem, tribal does pirate-chic and another great cape with rugged toggles and tropical trim.

Man Bags- all the collections had to include a bag resulting in some innovative design!

Each collection also had to include an avant-garde look involving macrame/weaving/knitting. Loved the look on the left, chocolate-coloured cape (ok yes, I am obsessed with capes!) with trim reminiscent of the rigging on a pirate ship!

It's events like this that make me wish I'd studied fashion design instead of the BA I never really used. It's so exciting to know that you could be watching SA's next biggest name in fashion in the making!

What I wore- I've been keen to embrace summer's monochrome look but there is still a little chill in the air so my cropped yellow jacket ended up being the perfect cover-up!

Blouse- New Look, Leggings and Bag- Primark, Jacket- H&M, Headband- Green Sleeves Vintage

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